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Big Hole National Battlefield, Montana

Big Hole National Battlefield
Big Hole National Battlefield in Montana

On the move since May 1877, the Nez Perce set up camp in the Big Hole Valley on August 7th, 1877. The United States Army had been trying to move the Nez Perce onto a reservation since May of that year. The Nez Perce were reluctant and rightfully so. As agreed upon in 1855, the Nez Perce were to be moved to a 7.5 million acre reservation. In early 1877 it was decided to reduce the 7.5 million acre reservation to a 10th of it’s size, to allow Anglo-settlers access to the gold they had located on part of the original reservation.

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A Historical Walk at White Bird Battlefield, Grangeville Idaho

Nez Perce Tribe battleground
White Bird Battlefield

Throughout the Pacific Northwest there are 38 Nez Perce historical sites with White Bird Battlefield being one of them. Boomer and I visited the battlefield on our trip down Idaho Highway 95, which is located just south of Grangeville Idaho.