I Tilt Out at the Chicago 360 in the Hancock Tower, Chicago Illinois

tilt chicago john hancock

There is a friendly argument in Chicago; who has the better view. Is it the Hancock Tower or the Willis Tower? I went to both buildings while I was in Chicago.  Although the Willis Tower is taller I happened to agree with the Hancock folks – the view is better.

Chicago Architecture Foundation Cruise Photo Essay

Chicago Architecture Foundation Cruise

We have been having some weird weather this year. I came to realize this when I was in Chicago this May and it snowed. Snow in May – Seriously? So on the day that it snowed I had pre-booked a Chicago Architecture Foundation Cruise. As I boarded the boat I … Continue reading

Seeing Chicago from the Willis Tower’s 103rd floor

Seeing Chicago from the Willis Tower’s 103rd floor

The tallest building in my town is 5 stories. Imagine that. Just 5 floors. You could probably sprint to the top floor in under 2 minutes. The tallest building in Chicago Illinois is 110 floors. Slight difference… and there probably isn’t any sprinting to the top. Formally known as the … Continue reading