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How We Almost Missed The Boat In Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Cruise to Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Me channeling my inner pirate!

Puerto Vallarta was our last stop on our Mexican cruise. After this day we would have two full days steaming back to California.

We arrived on a beautiful day to Puerto Vallarta and departed from the boat for an early morning excursion. While we filled out information form the excursion, Laura and I made friends with this Green Macaw. I’m pretty sure this resulted in me thinking I was a pirate for the rest of the day. And let’s be honest – I do love rum!

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Why I Will Never “Car Camp” Again

car camping mishap
Looks like a nice enough car, right?

Have you ever come up with a plan to solve a problem and only after you have partially implemented the plan you think to yourself what the hell was I thinking?

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Trip Rewind Arizona 2002 : Phoenix Arizona

Trip Rewinds are stories from my earlier travels prior to the Paws for Beer blog’s creation. The stories may be oldies, but hopefully you find them to be goodies 🙂

Over the next few postings I will tell you about my trip to Arizona in 2002.

I realize that 2002 was a long time ago but this trip changed my life (for the better of course). I had worked a full-time job while I was working my through a community college and had finally graduated with a AS degree. It took me 4 years to finish a 2 year degree. I never picked a major other than general studies – basically a cop-out because I did not know what I wanted to do. At the age of 18 I did not have a plan and even now at the age of 33 I am still confused about what I should do. I felt like I was going to college because that was what you were suppose to do after high school. I was never really interested in school, I am bad at math and have terrible reading retention.