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The Best View of Lake Pend Oreille: Mineral Point Trail #82 in Sagle Idaho

Mineral Point Trail
The Green Monarchs from Mineral Point Trail #82

I’ve grown up around nature my entire life. My dad says I’m spoiled because I’ve never had to live in the concrete jungle. And to be honest, I am OK with being spoiled.

A few years ago I was unemployed during the summer months. Aside from not having money coming in, it was a lovely time. There is nothing better then North Idaho in the summer. 

Mineral Point Trail
Boomer overlooking Mineral Point and The Green Monarchs

I took the dogs to an area called Mineral Point Trail.  As a local of the area I had heard about it, but never had been. Typical local behavior of someone who travels.  You spend all your time traveling away from the area you live in. 

But since I was bound to the area while looking for a job, I took local hikes.  And so the dogs and I made the trek out to Mineral Point.  

Now there are a few things to know about the Mineral Point Trail.  One is that there are more trails than just the one to Mineral Point, ending at Green Bay beach. 

There is also the connector trail and Lost Lake Trail #81. So with that being said, all the trails are relatively short, but can all be connected to make one long hike. All the trails combined are 5.6 miles one way.

Lost Lake Trail #81
Jovi lost in the flowers on her way to Lost Lake

Lost Lake trail is the only part of the trail that you won’t have a view of Lake Pend Oreille. Which is a bit of a bummer, but the trail does offer up some nice rolling hills, flower patches and a hidden lake that may be called Lost Lake, but it’s not really lost because the trail takes you right to it. The trail is a 1.7-mile loop. 

Lost Lake is not one I would swim in, especially since you’re near Green Bay beach and that affords you a nice spot to hop into the lake with awesome views of The Green Monarchs. 

Mineral Point Trail
Mineral Point Trail #82

The connector trail does just what it says, connecting Lost Lake to Mineral Point.  The trail traces along the lake, although you are nowhere near the water as you are walking along a bluff as you make your way to Mineral Point. 

Once you get to Mineral Point you can savor the views as you make your way towards Green Bay. Mineral Point trailhead is one of two spots to have a pit toilet, with Green Bay being the other spot.  There are also some picnic tables at Mineral Point but I recommend taking your snack to Green Bay.

From Mineral Point to Green Bay the trail is fairly level until you reach Green Bay where the trail takes a nose dive. If you’re not into the elevation decline you can drive to Green Bay. The road to Green Bay is narrow and windy and there are just a few parking spots. Weekends will be busier as it is a popular locals hangout.

Mineral Point Trail
Green Bay from Mineral Point Trail #82

The beach is mostly small rock, so do not expect to be lounging on a soft sandy beach. Camping sites are located here as well. There is a lot of driftwood found on the beach, much to Boomer and Jovi’s glee as it gave them something to chomp on while we relaxed beachside.

The Monarchs are my favorite mountains in the area. Perhaps it is because they do not look like most of the mountains in the area. They are craggy, with few trees. It makes for a pretty dramatic view in the summer. And while they look less like their namesake in the winter they are equality stunning in the winter. 

Green Bay is an area you will want to spend some time at. Usually, it is lightly peppered with people, as are the trails. It gives you a sense of not being totally alone, but also not the feeling of being stuck in a concerte jungle.

Axl Rose center stage, where he belongs

And really, to be honest, the only Jungle I would like to be in, is one where Axl Rose is center stage.

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