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The brewing hobby is already getting out of control!

The day after I got my beer making supplies and had filled my head with the instructional DVD, I took a trip to my local beer brewing store. I found myself checking out all the additions that I could add to my kit. Wort chillers, carboys, jet bottle washer…


Image Credit: Wheeler Cowperthwaite

As I perused the isles it seemed to be endless. The odd thing about this was that I had not even started brewing yet but I was already looking into what more I could buy. Yes I have a shopping problem.

Luckily the voice of reason (not mine of course, but the lady at the beer brewing store) talked me into slowing down and trying the tools that I had first before I started to add on. That way I knew what I had, how to use it and what would be helpful in the future. I realized that even though she faced losing a sale she was telling me to take it down a notch.

Thank goodness I was stopped as I’m sure with my erratic behavior the next step was probably converting my garage into a full-fledged brewery operation including brewery workers.

Since my truck doesn't fit in there... why shouldn't a brewery???
Since my truck doesn’t fit in there… why shouldn’t it be a brewery???

Since I’m a planner I decided to take my mind off buying more brewing equipment by doing a little math. By brewing my own beer my plan was to bring down my spending on beer.

On average beer that I buy is $1.00 to $1.33 per bottle. Needless to say I’m not drinking beer that comes in a 36 case that can often be found at any teenager’s party and has the word “light” in it’s description.

After the initial start-up costs I figured my home-brewed beer would cost around 59 cents per bottle. A pretty good deal as it would save me around $270 a year. Sadly I probably just gave you enough numbers to figure out how much beer I drink in a year – just do me a favor – don’t let my dad know, thanks.

My next step was to set up a brewing schedule. This step I would take from my dad. He brewed his own hard apple cider when I was a kid. He brewed in line with his consumption. This was also going to be my plan.

My 5 gallon kit according to what I read would make around 50 to 56 bottles of beer. In order to keep up with my consumption I would brew a new batch every 4 weeks. It would give me some slight coverage between the two batches which was good just in case the new batch was not ready in time and apparently I can not go a day without beer.

I was hoping to always have beer on hand… unless I threw a raging party of course… actually that sounds more like Boomer. He’s more friendly that I am, that and I’m an only child and you know what they say – Only children never learned how to share. Don’t worry I don’t actually believe that if any only children are offended by my comment.  I think it’s horseshit what some people think of only children. We’re perfectly acceptable people, we may just be reluctant to share our beer.

To keep me honest about how much stuff I have bought… here is a photo of everything I have acquired in the past 4 months since starting brewing… kind of a lot… but I currently have no plans on overhauling the garage (yet)!

My collection of brewing supplies from the past 4 months...
My collection of brewing supplies from the past 4 months…

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