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The next brewing order

After coming off the success of the Black Dog Ale I decided that although I still had 4 kits to brew up it would not be long before I needed more kits. I would be brewing about every two weeks which would mean I had about two months worth of kits in my brew closet.

I shopped around on the Midwest Supplies site for some new flavors. I had stumbled onto the Maverick Amber Ale as I was perusing the ales and decided this would make a great beer for me. It was a darker amber color and according to the description of the beer had a hoppy bitterness which is something I adore. I primarily drink anything from Deschutes Brewery and they are well known for their hoppy beers.

My next flavor would be the Flat Tire. I decided it would be fun to brew the Flat Tire and then compared it to the Flat Tire beer made by New Belgium Brewing. It is a copper red color, which is great as I am hooked on red beers at the moment. It also has a nutty flavor with a touch of cloves. I am excited to taste this one as well as having the comparison test.

I also added the Rocky Pale Ale to my order. This has a citrus hop which I always love a little citrus in my beer. Also a caramel malt, and since I love caramel this makes me excited to try this beer.

My last beer kit I purchased was the Lawnmower de Saison. I thought this would be an excellent beer to reward myself after I finished mowing the lawn during the summer. It also has a peppery flavor with orange zest and coriander flavors. This would be my first kit with a liquid yeast, so that will be a new challenge.

According to what I read liquid yeasts results are more consistent than dry yeast. You can brew two of the same kits with dry yeasts and come out with two different results. The liquid yeast should help you keep your beers tasting the same, time after time. Which would be helpful if you found a beer that you love and want to keep making it.

Flat Tire, Maverick Amber Ale, Rocky Pale Ale and the Lawnmower Saison
Flat Tire, Maverick Amber Ale, Rocky Pale Ale and the Lawnmower de Saison

After I got the kits taken care of I thought I should spoil myself (as though the beer was not enough) and decided to purchase an auto-siphon and a 21″ stainless steel spoon. Both will be great additions to my brewing process. The spoon specifically as I do not have a spoon long enough. ┬áThe spoon needs to be able to reach the bottom of the brew kettle to keep the malt extract from sticking to the bottom of the kettle. The siphon will be very helpful as well, especially if I ever have to bottle by myself… which I am sure is bound to happen as I am doubtful that my friends will continue to keep coming over every two weeks to help me bottle.

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