How things can change quickly…

Reflecting on job loss
I’m generally impatient hence why my hands are on my hips

I graduated high school 16 years ago. You’re probably now thinking to yourself how many years ago was it for yourself?.  As you ponder that I have to admit something. Although it is 16 years later I feel like I just relived graduating high school again. And I didn’t have to go back to school in order to. Instead I lost my job after 17 years. Actually I want to correct that. I didn’t really lose it. The company I worked for went out of business… so technically they lost my job.

Maybe you are now wondering what this job loss has to do with graduating high school? Allow me to explain as I believe both situations parallel each other. In High School, you build relationships with your friends. Some of them may change over the years, but for the most part your core friends remain the same. Same as in the work place. You befriend people, some may move on to new companies while others stay working alongside you.

So when high school comes to an end, you and your friends graduate. Some of you may spend the summer together, while others move on; heading off early to college or moving to somewhere they had always dreamed of.

This moving on situation is what I am reliving. Granted we don’t have the excitement of graduation, but we are all parting ways. Some of us are trying to stay, some of us have already left and others are still trying to figure out what they are going to do. We live in a small town and to remain in the same field of work is not really feasible, jobs are pretty limited here. Most of us are torn at best.

reflecting on job loss
Apparently I agreed with the empty desk / empty mine theory…

I have mixed emotions about this job loss. I am sad to see my friends go, but I am not necessarily sad about loosing the job. I dreaded every day. Each day I would leave the office and say to myself ‘one day closer to retirement’. A pretty sad realization as I still have approximately 31 years left before I can retire. I can’t imagine saying that to myself for another 8,060 working days.

reflecting on job loss
at this point I wasn’t counting down every day until retirement

Aside from being worried about losing my house and my car (as I still owe on both) I am also concerned about how to keep a travel blog alive when I do not have money to travel. My dad’s advice “be creative”. So you may see some different posts from me in the future. And probably a lot of posts about North Idaho, Western Montana and Eastern Washington because they are all short driving distances. I may even throw a bit of Canada in there as well. Canada would also be Boomer’s first trip to a foreign country! We’ve gotta get some paw prints on his “passport”!

As for finding a source of income, I have a few projects that I am working on and will reveal them when they are ready. For now I will cross my fingers and hope for the best. I know that working where I did was not good for me professionally or personally however I will miss the steady paycheck, heath insurance and the 7 weeks of vacation a year. I think the change in vacation will be the most painful adjustment.

But like they say, when one door closes another one will open. I know that I would have never started working on my other projects unless something forced me to change, and this change for sure has gotten the wheels turning.

I have also been clinging to hope with this horoscope that I found in January of this year before I knew about my job loss…

Career Horoscope

Sounds pretty good right?

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6 replies on “How things can change quickly…”

Wow, losing a job is a major life change for sure! Psychologists say that the emotional impact it can have on a person is similar to a death in the family or the loss of a loved one. I can empathize, as the company I was working for got bought out (and my job eliminated) back in March. Even though I hated my job & felt like a little part of my was dying every day that I went into that office, it was still a major shock to my system. Luckily I got a severance check, which I (perhaps foolishly) used to buy a plane ticket to Europe. I decided that no matter how hard I had to work, I never again wanted to call anyone ‘boss’ besides the person staring back at me in the mirror. Now I know what I REALLY want out of life and I’m going for it 100%. Allow yourself time to grieve for what you’ve lost (the schedule, the security, the vacation time – 7 weeks??!! damn) and then start looking for the opportunities to create a life you really want. 🙂

Thank you for your inspiring words! I totally agree that the only boss I want for my future is me. Best wishes to you on your next adventure (and I hope you had a great time in Europe!)

Thanks Sammi! I think it will eventually end up as a good thing. It’s stressful right now but not nearly as stressful as working somewhere that I did not enjoy any second I was there 🙂

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