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This Brew’s for… well me! My homebrewing adventure

Mondays on the blog I will be posting stories about my beer brewing hobby. It may not be every Monday so the best way to know when I have posted a story about beer brewing is to subscribe to the blog (don’t worry your email is safe and I will not spam you). Just submit your email in the area to the right that says “subscribe to the blog”. If you feel that is too much commitment there are plenty of other following options such as the Paws For Beer’s facebook page, twitter or Google +.

Posting about beer brewing may not be consistently every Monday as the process is pretty much the same with every brew and it would be a little repetitive – I don’t want to bore anybody.

I do feel it is important to blog about my brewing experience as I am new to brewing where as many of the beer bloggers out there have been home brewing for years. Here you will read about my trial and errors and the products I use. You can follow along and see my progression from brewing 5 gallon buckets of beer to a full on brewery… whoa – maybe not that far (yet)… although it is a dream of mine to own a brewery one day (not a bad dream, I think!). I will file these blog entries under the “All Things Beer” tab.

So on to the brewing stories

My friends have always suggested that I get into the hobby of brewing my own beer. I pondered the idea but had never really looked into it. This all changed one day when I helped a friend bottle some of her home-brewed beer and I changed my mind. If anything, just maybe it would cut my beer tab down (probably not, but just let me live the dream for a moment).

I went online, did a little investigating of the different sites and selected Midwest Supplies for my brewing needs. I liked their wide range of beer kits to choose from and their supplies looked to be endless. I ordered a starter beer brewing kit and brewing ingredients. I am an avid online shopper and waiting for my packages to arrive is part of the game, but this wait was devastatingly long (I’m being dramatic of course – it was probably about a week – but it felt like forever).

Boomer checking over the supplies
Boomer checking over the supplies

For my first brew would be “Black Dog Ale”. Paying a little homage to my dog of course. I know beer is bad for dogs but he may get a taste now and then – hell he even helps himself sometimes. I don’t give him much and I hope that the fact that I am admitting this does not end up with Boomer in foster care and me without a dog.

Beer Brewing Kit for the Black Dog Ale
Beer Brewing Kit for the Black Dog Ale

Boomer’s verbal vocabulary is limited but he does know the word beer and runs to his bowl awaiting his golden goodness – it’s slightly embarrassing. Now taking this behavior into consideration I will probably need to keep the door closed on the brewing room while I’m away at work (I like how I’ve already turned my 2nd bathroom into the brewing room).

I can only imagine what I may come home to. A dog sprawled out on the floor, eating chips and watching Animal House (he of course would pick this title because he would think it would be about animals, not people behaving like animals)

I imagine this is how it would look like if Boomer got into the beer... minus the chips he'll have spread all over the place!
I imagine this is how it would look like if Boomer got into the beer… minus the chips he’ll have spread all over the place!

The anticipation of what lays ahead of me is exciting and for some reason slightly unbelievable that I can create beer in the comfort of my home. Which could lead to this hobby getting out of control and reminded me of when I stopped at Lang Brewery, a former Montana brewery built in an airplane hangar.

Lang Brewery... a pilot's hobby that got out of control!
Lang Brewery… a pilot’s hobby that got out of control!

A pilot’s hobby that got out of hand, and soon the planes were replaced with brewing and bottling equipment. We will see how far my new hobby takes me. I do not have the space of an airplane hangar but I do have a garage that my beast of a truck does not fit in to and this may be a suitable start to my brewery dreams 🙂

Inside Lang Brewery, a former Montana Brewery
Inside Lang Brewery, a former Montana Brewery

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