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Throwing a Beer Food Themed Party

party with beer foods
All my beer themed food

Some people who know me may say I take things to the extreme. Have you ever seen one of my travel itineraries… I can make even a seasoned travel agent question if they’ve planned well enough.

Never one to steer off the course of being extreme I decided to spice up my normal beer tasting parties with an all beer inspired food offering.

It was around the holidays so I invited my friends over for a “Brittany pretends she likes the holidays party”. I know it may sound like I’m a Scrooge but I’ve worked for a retail company for 18 years – you get a little burned out on Christmas after that long.

I decided to throw the party on a Saturday, late in the afternoon so I could have the morning to prep the food for the party. I also realized that I would need the extra prep time after speaking with my friend about what I was planning on making and she said “don’t you think that is a lot to do all by yourself?”

I threw caution to the wind and decided that if I said I was going to make the food then it was going to be made. Plus I would have felt bad if everyone showed up and all I had to offer was pretzels and beer. Although that is nothing to turn your nose up at but below is what I had on the menu:

beer cheese dip
beer cheese dip with pretzels

Beer Cheese Dip with pretzels
Beer Bread – I used a wheat beer and added cranberries for a little holiday festive coloring

beer bread with cranberries
Wheat Beer Bread with Cranberries

Main Course:
Beer Brat Soup

Beer cheese bratwurst soup
Beer Bratwurst Soup
beer cupcakes
Chocolate Stout Cupcakes

Pumpkin Beer Cheese Cake
Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Pumpkin cheese cake made with beer
Pumpkin Beer Cheese Cake

It was a busy Friday night for me as I made the beer cheese dip, beer brat soup and cheese cake. All of these items needed to rest over night hence why I made them the day before.

Saturday morning while cleaning my entire house I made the cupcakes but I waited on making the bread closer to when my guests would arrive. The bread always fills the house with a pleasant tasty smell and who wouldn’t want to be greeted with warm bread when they arrive!!?!?

The guests arrived and all the food was devoured. Even the beer cheese dip container was being carried around by a few people as they scraped the bowl clean. A good sign I think 🙂

I plan on throwing a food inspired party every few months to share the recipes that I have learned cooking and baking with beer.  Up next is my Daytona 500 party and I’m toying with using the beers that sponsor NASCAR, so the Buds, Coors and Miller Lights – but I’m not sure I can break away from my craft brews even if it is in the spirit of the sport!

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4 replies on “Throwing a Beer Food Themed Party”

We live on the wrong continents y’know! I love this idea- wish I had been there.

Also, totally know what you mean about getting fed up about Christmas. I love the part of Christmas where its November and it’s exciting and then I hate Christmas because I have to work whilst everyone else gets to have a great time with their families and friends.

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