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Tracking Ferris Bueller at The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago
The Art Institute of Chicago

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it” – Ferris Bueller

The Art Institute of Chicago
Entrance in to The Art Institute of Chicago

A spot on quote from one of my favorite movies! Ferris inspired me while I was visiting Chicago this year. In the movie he and his friends spent a memorable day bouncing around all the famous Chicago landmarks. Although I was visiting Chicago solo, I was there doing the same. Typically I do not visit art museums as I am admirer of architecture over paintings, so I had not planned on visiting The Art Institute of Chicago. I had just over an hour to spare, which was a rarity, and decided to pop in to the museum. I had a fast pass ticket thanks to previously buying the Chicago City Pass so I did not feel I was wasting any additional money by breezing through the museum.

As I perused the museum map I decided that due to my time limit I would hit up the spots that would be most important to me: architecture, the medieval exhibit, the Chinese, Japanese and Korean art exhibit and a quick walk through some of the famous the paintings.

The Art Institute of Chicago
Teller’s Wicket from National Farmers Bank 1907 – 1908
The Art Institute of Chicago
Window from Casino in Rivinia Park 1904
The Art Institute of Chicago
Frank Lloyd Wright Art Glass
The Art Institute of Chicago
Architecture exhibit consisting mostly of Wright and Sullivan

I first found the architecture exhibit, which held several cast iron plates from the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan, who Wright had worked for early in his career in Chicago. There was also a small collection of Wright’s art glass as well, which is what I appreciate most about Wright’s work. His homes may have a lot of details but his art glass details can put the homes to shame.

The Art Institute of Chicago
My knight in shining armor

I moved on to the medieval exhibit where I found a presentation of several suits of armor as well as swords and jousting sticks. I am fascinated by armor.  Perhaps it’s the mystery of who is behind the mask or one too many knight in shining armor stories from my childhood. Either way I am intrigued by armor and much like architecture, I enjoy the details of the armor.

The Art Institute of Chicago
The Japanese exhibit at The Art Institute of Chicago

I stopped in next at the Chinese, Japanese and Korean exhibits. There was lots to see here but of course I gravitated to what I know best… dogs. He looks like a good watch dog right? This Mastiff tomb figure dates back to AD 25-220 from the Eastern Han dynasty.

The Art Institute of Chicago
A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat

My last exhibit was the paintings. I did not spend much time here other than to find the Warhol, because I am a fan of him and to catch a glimpse of a few of the famous ones. Although I am positive I missed a few as my time was short. I did wedge myself in for a photo of the A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, unlike Ferris and his crew, I was not able to stand and appreciate the painting for long as there were herds of people waiting in line to get a closer look.

I am glad I took the time to visit the museum but I would recommend spending a longer time than just over an hour, like I did. I know that I missed a lot just looking back at the visitor guide.

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20 replies on “Tracking Ferris Bueller at The Art Institute of Chicago”

I love the art institute – in fact, as I was driving back from the airport the other day I saw signs and it reminded me that I haven’t been in almost a year. I think it’s time for another visit. Also, I love the Chasing Ferris Bueller title. Lol

I’m a Ferris Bueller fan, too. That City Pass sounds like a good deal. Since you didn’t have to pay extra, just spending an hour at the Art Institute seems better than missing it entirely.

I like visiting museums, but I think you need to really limit your time or else you can get totally sucked in and keep wandering for hours. Paintings is where you can find me! And I love Warhol too. Have you been to his museum in Pittsburgh? So awesome!

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