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Trip Rewind: 4 things not to be missed in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Inclines in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Inclines in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is a fun city to visit, and very livable according to a few of my friends who are current residents there! What I like best about Pittsburgh is that it has a town like feel even though it is a city of 306,000+ people. I have visited Pittsburgh a couple of times as a friend of mine lives there and I always have an enjoyable time. Below I have created a list of can’t miss spots! Up first would be the Monongehela Inclines at Station Square. I had never taken an incline before, which is a cable car pulled by a cable up the side of a mountain. This incline takes you to the top of Mount Washington for a spectacular view of Pittsburgh including the three rivers, the Allegheny, the Ohio and the Monongahela and numerous bridges. As of 2006 Pittsburgh had around 446 bridges, edging out Venice Italyโ€™s 409 for most bridges by 37.

Pittsburgh Skyline
Pittsburgh Skyline
Just Ducky Tours, Pittsburgh PA
Just Ducky Tours, Pittsburgh PA

Next on my touristy list of things to do, Just Ducky Tours. This was a ride on a WWII amphibious vehicle that takes you around the streets of Pittsburgh showing off the many skyscrapers and government buildings before it drives off into the rivers to enjoy scenic views of the city from the water. Be prepared to participate in obnoxious quacking as you drive around on the tour – it may not be required but everyone else thinks it is ๐Ÿ™‚

Just Ducky Tours, Pittsburgh PA
Just Ducky Tours, Pittsburgh PA

Up next take a ride on the Gateway Clipper Fleet. My friend Laura and I did this back to back with the Just Ducky Tour. It seemed a little redundant to take both on the same day but we did it anyway. The Gateway Clipper is a paddle wheel boat that carries you around the three rivers while taking in the sights of the city. We took the 1 hour sightseeing tour that included historical information and stories about Pittsburgh. I ordered myself a local beer, Iron City Beer and enjoyed it during our ride about the rivers passing by PNC park and Heinz Field where I saw the classic black and yellow colors of the Steelers!

Fatheads Saloon Pittsburgh PA
Fatheads Saloon Pittsburgh PA

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good pub! Our last task of the day was driving over to Fatheads Saloon in the south side of Pittsburgh. I am never one to pass up a hamburger and beer to end my day with. We sat outside under their covered patio, where we enjoyed some beers and burgers.

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20 replies on “Trip Rewind: 4 things not to be missed in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania”

Fatheads is a lot of fun! I will have to go back to Pittsburgh some time as I need to explore more of the that area Fatheads is located in. They are in the South Side – it is a cute historic part of town!

Brittany, Timely. We’re heading to Pittsburg in just a few weeks, and I’m definitely going to do the incline at night…yay night shots!

I haven’t been to Pittsburgh since I was a kid, but would really like to experience it as an adult. These are some great recs for when I make it and include a watering hole to boot!

What a fun post!! I lived in Pittsburgh during my entire elementary school years. Of course, I was too young then to really do anything, and I don’t have a lot of memories about my time there except for running around with the neighborhood kids. But I’d really love to go back there one day and experience it as an adult! I don’t see many bloggers talking about Pittsburgh so this is really fun to read!

Seattle has a duck tour too! It’s this land to sea tour around downtown. The Pittsburgh one looks fun too, I’ve never been to Pennsylvania but I’d love to explore all the history there.

I was in Pittsburg for a day, passing through on a road trip. I went to the Andy Warhol museum which I really liked, but I think he’s a cool guy anyways. I’ve always been curious about those ducky tours. They seem so tacky, but a friend did one in Seattle and had a blast.

I visited the Warhol museum – it was a lot of fun. The silver balloon room was amazing! The ducky tour was probably more geared towards a person who enjoys to be slightly embarrassed! It was a lot of clapping for me!

You definitely got me on a ducky tour! Seems like you had a great day in Pittsburgh. I’d love to visit it some day. Haven’t known that the town lies on three rivers and have 446 bridges. Now that’s impressive!

Pittsburgh is a great town to visit (and according to my friend, a great place to live!) There are lots of bridges, but when you’ve got 3 rivers you’ve gotta get across them somehow ๐Ÿ™‚

Never spent much time in Pittsburgh, but these all look like great options! Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler!

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