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Twin Peaking Out, Snoqualmie Falls Washington

snoqualmie falls washington twin peaks
Snoqualmie falls Washington from the Twin Peaks opening credits

The eerie orchestra music, a slow snap, a secret diary and a dead homecoming queen wrapped in plastic…..

Twin Peaks was a TV show that aired from 1990 to 1991. Although it was only two seasons it was a captivating show that stands the test of time. So much so that Showtime has decided to bring it back in 2016 for a run. Am I excited? You bet. Are you? Well you should be!

snoqualmie falls washington twin peaks
Snoqualmie Falls Washington

Some of the filming locations for Twin Peaks are found around the towns of Snoqualmie and North Bend Washington. Probably the most recognizable site is the Snoqualmie Falls from the opening credits. The water cascading over the falls with the “Great Northern Hotel” perched off to the side. Seeing the hotel brings back memories of Audrey Horne sneaking around the hotel spying on her dad and his suspicious encounters with Catherine Martell.

Snoqualmie Falls is dog friendly and while Boomer may not have been alive during the Twin Peaks heyday he could still admire the falls. We found a parking spot and made our way back to the gift shop and paths leading down to the falls. There are two main viewing points for the falls, with the lower viewing point being the best. The site was very busy the day we visited, which may have been contributed to a wedding happening near the falls or perhaps a heavy amount of the 1.5 million visitors per year were there that day.

snoqualmie falls washington twin peaks
The Double R Diner from Twin Peaks

Once we had videoed the falls and taken countless photos it was time to move on to the Double R Diner for a quick meal and a slice of their famous cherry pie.

snoqualmie falls washington twin peaks
Inside Twedes Diner.

We arrived at the diner with high anticipation for the cherry pie. I would be skipping the “best damn cup of coffee” as I am not a coffee drinker however. I will just have to take Special Agent Dale Copper’s word for it. The diner on the outside looks the similar to the TV show minus the double R’s located on the sign and instead of “T-Mar” the sign says “Twedes”, which is the actual name of the diner. The inside of the diner is very different from the TV show. There was an arson fire in 2007 that destroyed about a third of the restaurant and resulted in a full restoration.

There may have been no chance of seeing Shelley or Norma behind the counter but it was still fun to walk into the diner and order up a slice of pie. Don’t worry I had dinner before I ordered my dessert. If you are a fan of the show I would recommend stopping by but if not I would pass, specifically if you are looking for a meal. My burger was OK but not anything to write home about.

After I had finished my burger I asked the waitress for a slice of pie. Her response “Cherry”. When I said yes she sort of smirked at me and went to get the pie. I knew it wasn’t the first time she had been asked for cherry pie, probably even that day, as there was another table next to me who were also Twin Peaks fans. I was alerted to their allegiance for the show when they purchased a hand drawn map from the diner for $2 that gave additional Twin Peaks filming sites.

snoqualmie falls washington twin peaks
The best cherry pie

The cherry pie arrived, warmed up, with a pile of whipped cream on the side. I quickly snapped a photo of the pie with my phone, which again gained me another smirk from the waitress. OK I get it, you’ve probably seen it a 1000 times, but I’m not going to NOT take a photo of the cherry pie! The pie was tasty with a nice balance of crust to filling ratio.

If you would like to visit the Snoqualmie Falls it is located at 6501 Railroad Ave in Snoqualmie Washington. Twede’s Cafe is locate at 137 W North Bend Way, North Bend, WA 98045. The two sites are literally within minutes of each other as well as being right off of I-90.

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