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Uinta Brewing & Pub, Salt Lake City Utah

Uinta Brewing & Pub, Salt Lake City Utah
Beer at Uinta Brewing & Pub, Salt Lake City Utah

On mid-day Friday I found myself zipping along I-15 in Salt Lake City. I-15 has had a lasting impression on me since my childhood. My parents and I often visited Utah while I was growing up.  During one of those visits I experienced my first bit of road rage. I’m not sure who cut who off, but the altercation ended with both of my parents flipping the bird at the semi-truck driver, who also returned his #1 salute to them. Needless to say I was hoping to get out of Salt Lake City without earning my own #1 status. Before I left however, I had one stop to make, Uinta Brewing and Pub.

Uinta Brewing & Pub, Salt Lake City Utah
Uinta Brewing & Pub, Salt Lake City Utah

Set in an industrial area, I pulled into the parking lot for Uinta Brewing and noticed that the brewery was in some sort of transition as there was construction going on in the pub’s parking lot. I later found out that they were adding on to the brewery so they could expand their production as they had an unexpected growth of 67% in 2012. Pretty impressive.

I found myself a spot inside the brew pub and order up the seasonal Bristlecone brown ale. This beer is comparable to a typical English brown ale. The beer was good but I wish I would have ordered a taster size so I could move on to a beer better suited for me.

Uinta Brewing & Pub, Salt Lake City Utah
so many taps to choose from … so little time

I also placed an order for a sandwich because well… that’s all you can really order. There is soup and chili but the sandwich is the centerpiece of their menu. It is a build your own sandwich menu, allowing you to pick your meats, cheeses, bread and toppings. I liked the idea of a slimmed down menu – it made it easy to decide!

The sandwich arrived piled high with chips and a pickle on the side. I had run out of beer by this point and ordered the Trader Session IPA. It had some citrus flavors thanks to the hops and was a good beer, but it needed a touch more flavor for me. I was getting worried as I had not found the “ one ” beer yet… You know the one you write home about!?!?

I would try again on the search for a beer I liked. After a recommendation from the bartender I went with the Ales for ALS. This was a wheat IPA. The wheat flavoring could have been taken up a notch but the IPA flavors were good and this was the best beer I had out of the bunch that I had tried.

The Ales for ALS was a special brew that Uinta took part in a campaign to raise money for the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). Craft breweries who participated in this campaign were given special experimental hops to create their own unique brew. Here is Uinta’s blog post about the ALS campaign.

Unlike Zion Canyon Brewing I had to cut myself off at Uinta… not that I was out of control but the bartender was more than happy to keep bringing me beer. Which didn’t help as Boomer and I needed to get back on the road. And getting me to leave a brewery is like asking a 5-year-old kid to leave Toys R Us. There’s kicking, screaming, pulling of hair… unnecessary name calling. Although I will admit I am much more colorful with my words now than my former 5-year-old self. But alas I decided to go… I-15 awaited me as well as a long drive to the middle of Montana for the night.

Just a few interesting facts about Uinta that I found on their website. They became 100% wind powered in 2001 and were the first company in Utah to do so. In 2011 they stepped up their energy conservation by adding solar panels to their brewery roof, which covers 15% of their energy power and the wind energy supports the remaining 85%. Also included in their efforts are glass, paper and spent grain recycling as well as energy conservation lighting. Pretty cool guys!

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