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Wasatch Brew Pub and Brewery, Park City Utah

brewery in Park City Utah
Wasatch Brew Pub and Brewery, Park City Utah

After finishing up at the Olympic Park I decided to take my moody ass to downtown Park City and try out a local brewery I had been reading about, the Wasatch Brew Pub.

I poked around the shops on the main street until I decided it was socially acceptable to start drinking some adult beverages. Once the clock struck 11 am (don’t judge) I made my way back to the brewery where I was asked the age-old question “anyone joining you”… Seriously can’t a single girl get a table for one?

I asked for a table outside for optimal people watching and reviewed the beer menu, selecting the Evolution Amber. It was decent red amber to start off with.

I sat listening to 1990’s grunge music that filled the outside patio as I reminisced over my younger days. Days of drinking crappy beer, sitting at tables of more than one and planning for the next weekend on Monday morning… To quote Lover Boy’s song “everybodys workin’ for the weekend”. I’m however still workin’ for the weekend in my “older” age as well 🙂

beat salad
roasted beat salad

As I sat and pondered life I placed an order for lunch, a roasted beet salad. I think one word can describe this salad dyNOmite! It was arugula lettuce with goat cheese (my favorite), yellow and red roasted beats with a reduced balsamic and then drizzled with a champagne dressing… I need to figure out how to replicate this recipe as I could not get enough of the salad!

My salad was gone and I was left with one of life’s most important decisions to order or not order dessert. Typically I do not order dessert as I generally get most of my calories from all the beer I drink – but even the waitress said it was OK since I had a salad for lunch. I wasn’t about to argue.

lava cake
Chocolate Lava Cake

I ordered the negative calorie (just kidding) chocolate lava cake. I was not disappointed as I cut into the cake and the warm decadent chocolate “lava” poured out onto my plate. I left no lava behind and felt ashamed that I had polished off the entire plate by myself… but hey I didn’t really have a choice – no one else was at my table…

I also placed an order for another beer, the Oktoberfest. It’s research people – I’m drinking for you! I liked this beer much better than the Evolution, but I also have a weakness for Oktoberfest beer… I love that stuff!

I enjoyed my beer while catching a glimpse of the brewmaster checking on a fermenting beer inside the brewery. In addition to my people watching spot I also had a good view of the brewery from my outdoor patio table.

I liked the brewery and the food was great but what I liked most about the brewery was that they knew how to poke a little fun at themselves. Maybe not so much themselves but at their location. This is a brewery in the great state of Utah. A state known for being heavily populated with Mormons and dry (and we’re not talking about the weather) Not exactly drinking country. Although I did not order this beer, it brought to light the brewery’s sense of humor “Polygamy Porter” and their tag line “Why have just one”… hilarious!

funny Utah beer names

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