Why Boomer may be the best dog ever!

Boomer the dog

I spend a lot of time on the blog talking about traveling with Boomer.  Occasionally I get emails asking more about Boomer. What is Boomer like? What kind of dog breed is he? Is he a fan of NASCAR as much as I am? Just kidding nobody asks about NASCAR. He is an Earnhardt Sr fan just in case you were wondering (you will see his allegiance in one of the below videos)

Boomer was born sometime near the end of 2009. I found him at our local animal shelter when he was just a puppy and we have been inseparable ever since. He was and still is an amazing addition to my life. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for having this goofball in my life!

I put together a few videos and pictures of my favorite Boomer moments.  Some of these moments include a little dog shaming but luckily for Boomer, he is never ashamed of anything he does.  He leads a life of no regrets!

This is my most favorite photo of Boomer to date. So sweet!

puppy sleeping
Boomer sleeping

In addition to finding the perfect place to sleep Boomer is always a great help to me:

He checks on my home-brew beer while I’m away at work. He left his toy behind to let me know he kept an eye on things while I was out…

dog interested in beer
Boomer has his own way of letting me know he checked on the beer

Boomer reminds me that sometimes play time is more important than work time…

He makes sure I do not watch too much TV – that was the remote for the TV…

dog chews up remote control
what was left of my TV remote

He quality checks my beer for me…

dog smelling beer
Not Boomer-approved

Boomer knows how to entertain himself if I am busy…

He helps out with shredding the mail, even if I am not finished with it yet…

dog tears up mail
You didn’t need those magazines, did you?
dog getting in trouble
Hard not to get caught when you have the mail stuck to your paws

Boomer always likes to include me on his adventures, even if it is just to the backyard…

Boomer is also a fantastic interior decorator…

dog chews up owners stuff
What was once a picture frame
dog chews up owner's stuff
again showing his mad skillz at decorating the house

He alerts me to danger, even if pronghorns aren’t that dangerous…

Now you can see why I believe Boomer may be the greatest dog! He has a huge heart, loves everyone he meets and from my list of admirable qualities above how could you not agree!?!?!?

Is your dog just as lovable and helpful as Boomer? Drop me a line in the comments and let me know! I love hearing funny stories about people’s dogs getting into mischief or being silly!


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4 replies on “Why Boomer may be the best dog ever!”

Yeah a lovely dog!! I really miss my old pal blue who sady died neary 2 years ago.. Still have 2 old dogs.. Really enjoyed the video in the car, sadly the others didnt work here??

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