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Zion Canyon Brewing Company, Springdale Utah

Zion Canyon Brewery Company
Zion Canyon Brewing near Zion National Park, Utah

I felt like the appropriate reward for hiking when I hate hiking would be a quick stop off at a brewery before I picked up Boomer. Luckily Zion Canyon Brewing Company is conveniently (or strategically) located right next to Zion National Park’s entrance in Springdale Utah.

As I walked into the brewery/restaurant I spotted their patio seating. The sun was shining ,which was a rarity for the week, so I asked for an outdoor table on the back patio. While I sat, basking in the sun, I observed the bustle of the employees. They all seemed to be in quite a hurry which was perplexing to me as there were not many patrons. This bustle did not lead to quick service however.

Zion Canyon Brewery Company
My lone beer at Zion Canyon Brewing

My waiter arrived and I ordered a Gorgonzola chicken warp and the Hop Valley IPA. Typically I don’t drink IPA’s but when in Utah you drink the beer that should have the highest alcohol content… however all the beers at Zion Canyon were around 4%. Utah you drive me crazy with your low alcohol beers!

My beer arrived along with my food.  I found this odd as usually the beer arrives and a short while later the food arrives. It is all in the master plan to get you to drink more… or at least that is what I do – have a beer before and a beer with my lunch. Apparently my waiter didn’t get the memo.

The wrap was tasty and the beer was OK. It had a good amount of hoppiness and flavor probably thanks to it being dry hopped. I finished up both the beer and the wrap at the same time.

The waiter returned and asked me if I wanted anything else such as “water”. Insulted I said no and gave him another chance to offer me another beer. He continued on his path of crazy and said “lemonade” WTF was wrong with this guy? Annoyed I asked him for my check. He looked at me as though he had finally figured out that he offended me with his array of watered down drinks and said “are you a local?”. Perplexed again I said no but he offered me the local’s discount anyway in compensation of my long wait… the 10% off was a nice gesture but offering me another beer would have solved the problem. He didn’t know.

Zion Canyon Brewing Company
view from the back patio at Zion Canyon Brewing

Although the service was slightly unimpressive I still do recommend stopping off at the Zion Canyon Brewing Company after spending the day in Zion National Park… of course Zion National Park is not a requirement to stop off at the brewery… there never really is a requirement for stopping to drink beer… right?

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🙂 Well I also thought maybe because I was a girl and by myself it might have had something to do with it. I could have solved the problem by asking for another beer but didn’t. Oh well!

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