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Beer It Up At Marble Brewing Albuquerque New Mexico

Marble Brewing Albuquerque New Mexico
Marble Brewing Albuquerque New Mexico

When I arrived at Marble Brewing in Albuquerque New Mexico I decided to scope things out before I did the unthinkable. Take two dogs into a brewery at the same time, with no help.

I walked into the brewery, solo, though an outside patio and asked the bartender if dogs were allowed on the patio. She let me know they were dog friendly on the patio and I placed an order for a beer flight, letting her know I would be out on the patio with the dogs. I returned to the car to fetch Boomer and Jovi. It was going to be challenging to bring them both, but it was hot outside and it was safer for me to take them in with me.

I leashed both dogs up and began to walk them back to the brewery patio when out of nowhere Jovi spotted a half of a hamburger laying on the ground. Like a hawk she swooped in and grabbed it before I even knew what had happened. I forewent reason and stuck my hand into her chopping mouth to try to retrieve the burger, but she won the battle. I yanked my hand out of her mouth, slightly dented from teeth marks and the shame of allowing her to win. Fortunately Jovi is a trash can. And I mean that lovingly. She can eat just about anything and her iron gut does not fail. Boomer is not as lucky, although he is not as likely to grab random food off the ground. He knows he’s a delicate flower.

Marble Brewing Albuquerque New Mexico
Dogs somewhat contained

The dogs and I found our way back to the patio and the bartender brought me the tasting flight. It was at this point that I realized the idea of trying to consume beer while holding on to two wild dogs was comparable to being a ringmaster who accidentally put the lions in with the zebras. There were other dogs on the patio, all behaved, being mindful of their owners. The owners sat and sipped their beers and carried on conversations with their friends. I was jealous as I had dogs who would not sit down and pulled me around like gumby.

Marble Brewing Albuquerque New Mexico
Tasting flight at Marble Brewing

Like a champ, I did manage to drink my beer. I know you were worried for a second there. You were like, what’s the point of this post, if you’re not going to drink the beer? Great your dogs are crazy, anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that. Did you just waste four paragraphs telling me about your misbehaving dogs?

I know, I know. Let’s get to the important stuff, the beer.

My first taste of the day was the Pilsner. A 4.7% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and a 40 International Bittering Unit (IBU). This beer is brewed with Hersbrucker and Tettnanger hops. The beer is also dry hopped and unfiltered. And while it is dry hopped I did not find it overly powerful in hoppy flavor. It was a nice crisp beer.

Up next was the Wild Flower Wheat. This beer has a 5.6% ABV and a 13 IBU. Crystal hops are used along with honey and coriander. Another unfiltered beer and my least favorite of the group I tasted this day. Most likely because of the low IBU.

My next taste was the Amber Ale, a 5.4% ABV and a “un-findable” IBU. This beer was sort of sweet and I kind of liked that. It is a red based ale, so it has malty and caramel flavors that I enjoy in my red ales.

As I sat sipping my beers I realized just how fun (if I wasn’t tied down by dogs) the outside patio is. I love outside games and this place is full of them: bean bog toss, hula hoops and a giant Jenga to name a few. There is also a stage area and on the day we were there a food truck was located across the street. This looked like the right place to be on a Friday night.

After day dreaming about the fun I could have had, I went back to my beer. The Red Ale was my next beer to be consumed. This beer has a 6.8 ABV and a 70 IBU. If you know me, you would probably guess that I enjoyed this beer. It has a nice IBU, pretty red color and my beloved Cascade hop is used. They also use Crystal and Simcoe hops to round out this beer. Because of the Cascade hop this beer has a nice citrus flavor.

Marble Brewing Albuquerque New Mexico
Marble IPA

If you read my beer reviews you know that I love IPA’s. Marble’s IPA is no exception. A 6.8 ABV and a 95 IBU, this beer will cause you to call home and tell your friends you have found a tasty American IPA. Hops used are Chinook, Centennial, Citra, Mosaic and Cascade, giving this beer a nice grapefruit flavor, which I always enjoy. I liked the beer so much that I ordered a pint of it after my flight was finished.

Marble Brewing Albuquerque New Mexico
Eye on the prize

My last taste of the day was the Oatmeal Stout, a 5.8% ABV and a 30 IBU. This beer is brewed with the Magnum hop pairing up with a nice roasted flavor and some malty goodness. Tasting notes indicate espresso and chocolate, however I did not taste any espresso, which turned out good for me, as I am not a lover of coffee. Boomer also snuck a sip of this beer, causing a fellow patron to chuckle, where I followed up with “he has a beer problem”.

As I reached the bottom of my last tasting glass the dogs had finally simmered down, which was apropos as it was time to go. Marble Brewing has three locations: Downtown 111 Marble Ave NW (this is the location we visited), Westside 5740 Night Whisper RD NW and NE Heights 9904 Montgomery Blvd NE, all located in Albuquerque.

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Marble Brewing Albuquerque New Mexico

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