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Beer And Pizza Three Barrel Brewing Del Norte Colorado

Three Barrel Brewing Del Norte Colorado
Three Barrel Brewing Del Norte Colorado

When I arrived to Del Norte Colorado I was alerted to the fact that at any given moment Colorado would remind me of just how unpredictable she was. My day had started off sunny and warm, so I dressed accordingly, shorts and a short sleeve shirt. A logical pairing on a warm day. But then later that same day I sat looking out the window of Three Barrel Brewing to sideways blowing snow. Yes, Colorado you’ve proven your point. I should have never dared to wear shorts in April, regardless of how the day started out.

Three Barrel Brewing Del Norte Colorado
A tasting flight at Three Barrel Brewing

In an attempt to turn things around for the day I ordered a tasting flight of beer. When in doubt beer will fix all your problems. Well OK sometimes beer starts problems, but today it was solving them. The flight arrived on a wooden trail with handy silver coins located under each glass, identifying which beer you were tasting.

My first taste was the Hop Trash IPA. This beer is a 7.72% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and an 85 International Bittering Unit (IBU). I tasted mostly malty notes with piney, less citrus notes. I also thought it could have use more of bite for an IPA. Even their tasting notes on Untappd stated there is a debate between enough bite or not enough. The beer is a decent IPA, but if you are looking for a really hop forward IPA this one is not it.

Up next was the Dilley Incident an American Amber / Red beer with a 6.5% ABV and a 64 IBU. This was my favorite beer out of all my tastings that day. A nice malty finish with flavorful hops and for a nice bitterness.

Three Barrel Brewing Del Norte Colorado
A Trashy Blonde

My next taste was the Trashy Blonde. This is a Belgian unfiltered blonde ale with a 4.9% ABV and a 17 IBU. This is not my typical style of beer, one because I am rarely a fan of Belgian styles and two the IBU, YIKES. I consider this a gateway beer, a beer that if you are trying to get a friend who drinks only macro beer (ie Bud), to try, because it is similar to what they are used to. Gateway beers are not bad, because they lead the way to greatness. I once was given a gateway beer and left behind my Coors Light days. Which thankfully I did, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the eye.

The Trashy Blonde is good at what it does, kind of like a real trashy blonde. She is good at being classless and this beer is good at being a mild, yet flavorful, beer covering the bases for anyone who does not like a hop punch in the face.

Three Barrel Brewing Del Norte Colorado
A bad Phil

My last taste was the Bad Phil Pale Ale. I mostly ordered this beer so I could take a photo of it and send it to my dad, whose name is Phil. This beer has a 6.6% ABV and a 55 IBU. My beloved Cascade hops are used in this beer giving it a nice citrusy and spicy mix.

Three Barrel Brewing Del Norte Colorado
Wood Fired Pizza

Along with my flight of beer I had ordered The House, a wood fired pizza. There are many pizzas to choose from, including a make-your-own version, but The House pizza caught my eye. A pesto sauce with feta, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives and pulled chicken topped this bad boy. It was delightful and warmed me up before having to head back out into the snowstorm, regretting once again my choice in attire.

Three Barrel Brewing is located at 475 Grand Ave in Del Norte Colorado.

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