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I always love coming home to boxes on my porch. When I came home this day I had two large boxes awaiting my arrival. I brought them into my house and accounted for all my new home brewing supplies.

It was a Friday night and of course being the life of the town I was home alone. Unfortunately I was leaving town the following weekend for four days so I was fearful of starting my brewing process before I left.

I had visions of the bad things that could happen if I left the beer unattended. It reminded me of a story from my childhood when someone (one of my parents – I can’t remember who but most likely my mom) left the pressure cooker full of beans unattended for apparently too long. The pressure got to be too much and the beans rocketed through the release valve on top of the lid and shot beans all over the ceiling of the kitchen. I believe we even had relatives visiting which made this embarrassment even better. Now we all know where I get my cooking skills from 🙂

After sorting all my home brewing equipment, I located the instructional DVD and popped it into the player. I watched a few hours (there’s a lot to this brewing stuff) plus the guy on the DVD told me it would beneficial if I wanted the whole DVD, including the wine making. Since I always do what I’m told (scoff) I poured myself a glass of store-bought beer and learned what I was about to embark on.

soaking the store-bought beer bottles in warm water and baking powder
soaking the store-bought beer bottles in warm water and baking powder

I was still dealing with the disappointment of not be able to start right away so I figured I would at least get my bottles ready. I had been saving my empties for a while (I won’t tell you how many or how long I had been saving them as I don’t want you to judge me… but I will admit I do drink a lot of beer). I picked up a handy tip from the DVD about removing the labels from the store-bought bottles and figured that would be a good activity to keep me busy.

The DVD recommend soaking the bottles overnight in a sink with a 1/4 cup of baking powder and water. I prepped my sink with the warm water and baking powder and submerged my bottles. I used only 3 tablespoons of baking powder as I thought a 1/4 cup was excessive.


Because I’m impatient (this will probably go over well as I wait for my beer to brew) I checked on the bottles after about 15 minutes and noticed that the labels were already peeling off. I pulled the labels off with ease and used a scrub brush to get the remaining glue gunk off. Worked like a charm.

all the bottles cleaned up and ready for sanitizing
all the bottles cleaned up and ready for sanitizing

I scrubbed and cleaned all my bottles and returned them to storage. I probably should have waited so the rush of getting all the brewing equipment wore off and I needed something to entertain myself with during the wait until I was able to brew the beer. Well I did need some more empty bottles so I guess I better hop to it (pun intended) and drink some more!

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