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Beer Tasting At Daft Badger Brewing, Coeur D’Alene Idaho

Daft Badger Brewing Beer Tasting
Looking into the brewery of Daft Badger

You know the saying “don’t poke the bear”? So it means don’t provoke the person, right? Well I have a similar saying except I replace the bear with a badger. Why? Because a badger is way more scary than a bear. Badgers are rarely seen, somewhat vicious and nocturnal. These are all things I can relate to.

OK… sometimes I’m awake during the day.

Daft Badger Brewing Beer Tasting
A badger from the road

My friends know of my fondness for badgers. I get photos sent to me all the time, mostly of the University of Wisconsin Badger logo. Don’t even get me started on what happened when that Honey Badger thing blew up the internet. Honey Badgers are cute and all, but my preference is the North American Badger, just in case you were thinking about sending me a photo of a badger. So of course when I found a brewery who’s logo included a badger I had to go.

Just a funny side note.  I almost named Boomer, Badger.  I decided against it because he was not black and white and plus Boomer suits him anyway.

Daft Badger Brewing Beer Tasting
The Daft Badger logo, he looks like a friendly littl’ guy

I arrived to Daft Badger Brewing just after opening on a Saturday and the place was packed with my kind of people, beer drinkers. It was a good sign to me.  A place with lots of patrons to me means the beer must be good. I found myself a seat at the bar and grabbed the beer list. In non-typical Brittany fashion I had not scoured their website, pre-selecting the beers I would drink.

I sound like a lot of fun don’t I? Never leaving anything to chance.

Luckily the beer list was thorough, including the hops used for brewing along with tasting notes. As a beer consumer I appreciate a robust beer menu. There is nothing worse than rolling the dice on what you think will be the greatest beer only to be disappointed when that first sip washes across your taste buds.

I always encourage new beer drinkers to learn their hop flavors.  Learning hop flavors can help you identify which beers you may or may not enjoy. I like nice, bold citrus hops like Cascade, a grapefruit flavor, Centennial a citrus/floral flavor and the boldly fantastic Citra hop. Hops I tend to steer clear of are the Amarillo and Fuggle, both heavy on the floral notes, as I do not prefer an overly floral flavored beer.

Daft Badger Brewing Beer Tasting
The Hoppypotamus Pale Ale

It was not long before the bartender took my order for my first beer of the day, Hoppypotamus Pale Ale. This beer has a 6.0% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and a 59 International Bittering Unit (IBU). This beer is hopped with Simcoe and Centennial hops giving the beer a delightful citrus flavor along with some caramel undertones.

Daft Badger Brewing Beer Tasting
The Pulled Pork Sandwich

Lunch was in order during my visit to Daft Badger as well.  I perused over the tight and heavily pork influenced menu.  I could not resist the pulled pork sandwich. Goldilocks herself would have been delighted with the not too much, not too little, but just right amount of sauce to meat ratio. The sandwich paired up with a purple cabbage and green onion coleslaw that piled it’s self  atop the tasty meat in between two buttery soft buns .  The pork sandwich also came with a mile-high side of potato chips. Menu items range from $6 to $13, with an average of $10.95 USD.

Daft Badger Brewing Beer Tasting
Badger’s Bounty IPA

My final beer of the day was the Badger’s Bounty IPA. This flavorful citrus beer has notes of grapefruit, a 7.6 ABV and a knock your socks off 109 IBU. This beer has a nice balance between the citrus flavor and welcomed bitterness.

The location of Daft Badger Brewing is in a slightly residential area, which could be slightly strange, unless you are someone like me who would LOVE to have a brewery next door to my house.  The brewery is a block off of 3rd street, which 3rd is filled with commercial buildings, so it feels more like a hidden gem hiding in the residential area. Daft Badger Brewing is located at 1710 N 2nd street and they are open Tuesday – Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm. To continue your beer tasting experience you can walk two blocks to the east and find Slate Creek Brewing.

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