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Beer Tasting at Horsefly Brewing Montrose Colorado

Horsefly Brewing Montrose Colorado
Horsefly Brewing Montrose Colorado

Typically I am a fan of walking into a brewery and having it packed full of people. It is usually a sign that they have good beer. On a Wednesday night in April I wasn’t overly thrilled when I walked into a full house at Horsefly Brewing because the only seating left was outside. YIKES! Colorado in April. Yeah, it wasn’t warm. But there was beer to be had, so I braved the elements for you because it’s the least I could do. I’m nice like that.

Horsefly Brewing Montrose Colorado
Southwestern Burger

In typical fashion, I got myself a tasting flight of beer and a burger for dinner. I ordered the Southwestern Burger, topped with green chilies, guacamole, pepper jack cheese and chipotle mayo. My go-to burger is usually a burger with pepper jack cheese, avocado with thousand island as my secret sauce. Although this burger was similar to my old standby, the chilies and the chipotle mayo really added a nice punch of fun and it was delightfully tasty.

Horsefly Brewing Montrose Colorado
Tasting flight at Horsefly Brewing

My flight of beer had arrived and up first was the Bug Eyed Blonde. Horsefly and I both agree this is a good starter beer, they call them entry way beers, I call them gateway beers. Whatever the description you want to call them, these beers are important in the conversion of macro beer drinkers to microbeer drinkers. This beer has a low hop profile with a decent 5.4% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and an unlisted International Bittering Unit (IBU). I did find this beer to have a strange aftertaste, not unpleasant, just a little off.

Up next was the Jazzy Razzy, another light beer full of raspberry flavors. This beer has a 5.1% ABV and no IBU listed. This would be another good gateway beer as it is not overly hoppy and the fruity flavors remind me of the Framboise Lambic beer. The beer pours a pretty red color and for a low hopped beer, I actually liked this beer a lot.

Horsefly Brewing Montrose Colorado
Tabano Red

The Tabano Red is a classic red style beer, malty with a touch of biscuit flavor, giving it some depth. This beer has a 5.8% ABV with no IBU listed. It is a good basic red and if you love reds you will love this beer as it stays true to its red roots and delivers on its malty promises.

My next taste was the Paso Fino Porter. One reason I steer clear of porters is their affinity for coffee flavors, which is not a flavor I enjoy. The coffee does grace this beer with its presence which was unfortunate for me.  Although the coffee flavor was not so overwhelming in flavor that it kept me from drinking it. There are also some chocolate notes that help balance out the coffee flavor. This beer has a 6.2% ABV with no IBU listed.

The Six Shooter Pale Ale was my favorite out of the bunch. It had bold citrus notes that melted well with the floral notes. Surprisingly this beer does not have the Cascade hop, a hop well known for citrus notes.  Oddly enough the tasting menu points out the lack of the Cascade hop, however, they do not identify any of the hops that they do use. Perhaps I am not the average beer drinker, but I do love when the hops used are listed on a tasting menu.  It is helpful because the hops help identify what the beer may taste like. This beer has a 5.2 ABV and no listed IBU.

Horsefly Brewing Montrose Colorado
Peacemaker Double Pale Ale

My last taste was the Peacemaker IPA. The tasting notes listed this beer as a blend between a British IPA and an American IPA. I felt like the British won that war as the beer was more malty than hoppy.  British IPAs tend to be maltier than American IPAs. This beer is the only beer on their menu with a listed IBU, a 55. A decent IBU, but for their biggest baddest beer on the menu I would have liked to see a beefier IBU. Granted not everyone is a high IBU fan, just us hop-heads as we are sometimes referred to.

Horsefly Brewing is located at 846 East Main Street in Montrose Colorado.

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