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Beer Tasting at Sedition Brewing, The Dalles Oregon

Beer Tasting at Sedition Brewing
Sedition Brewing

As I was zipping along I-84 on my way to Portland Oregon, I pulled into the town of The Dalles Oregon.   I was greeted by quaint brick buildings that lined the streets. Although I enjoy brick buildings of any age, some of these buildings have been around since the Oregon Trail days of the 1840’s to 60’s, making them a bit more admired. Even if you do not have time to stop for a beer, a quick drive down second street is worth the sidestep off of I-84, to take in the buildings.  But if you don’t have time for a quick beer, we seriously need to talk.  

After finding a spot to park along 2nd avenue I walked to Sedition Brewing. There I found a former ice house and fruit storage building housing the now brewery. Like with all breweries I visit I like to do a little history gathering and check out the types of beers they offer. And while Sedition is their name, it appears that it was not always so. Their Kickstarter campaign had them listed as Defiance Brewing.

Although both Sedition and Defiance are similar in meaning, I think they landed on the better of the two names with Sedition. Regardless of their name, they are obviously evoking an open resistance. Perhaps it is a resistance to bad beer.

Beer Tasting at Sedition Brewing
A short flight of beer

I’d like to think I’ve put up the good fight against bad beer. So perhaps I would fit in at Sedition Brewing. I found myself a seat at my usual spot, at the bar and ordered up my usual, a flight of beer. The beertender informed me they were down a few beers and my flight of 6 would become a flight of 4. It wasn’t a huge biggie, but I was bummed that one of the beers I had been salivating over, the Rye IPA, would be one of the beers I would not be tasting.

The Rye IPA came up in conservation often while people ordered.  Each one of us gave the beertender a look of despair as he informed us of its fate. Hopefully, on my next visit, it will be available and I can soak up the tasty flavors of rye backed up with a punch of dry hopping. That sounds pretty divine, don’t you think?

Beer Tasting at Sedition Brewing
California Common

I started my flight out with the Common Sense California Common. This beer style is sometimes referred to as a “steam beer”.  Steam beers use lager yeasts and ferment at ale temperatures. Lager yeasts typically require cool temperatures for fermenting whereas ale yeasts ferment in warm temperatures. Sedition’s Common Sense has a 5.6% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and a 25 International Bittering Unit (IBU). Due to the nature of brewing, this beer has a biscuit flavor that is surprising as you most often associate biscuit notes with brown ales. This beer also has some floral flavors.

Up next was the American Helles Bock with a 7.1% ABV and a 30 IBU. This beer is a German-style beer that is also referred to as a Maibock style. Helles styles have been making the rounds lately on brewers menus and with good reason as they are light, refreshing and easy to drink. Although watch out for the higher ABVs as they can knock you down. The American Helles Bock is malty in flavor and pairs up with floral notes.

Beer Tasting at Sedition Brewing
Natural Born Keller Pilsner

I moved on to the Natural Born Keller Pilsner with a 5.6% ABV and a 35 IBU. This is another German style beer and unfiltered. If you like to get your “vitamins in”, unfiltered is the way to go. Despite the unfiltered nature of the beer, this beer has a crisp and clean finish, along with floral flavors.

My last taste was the IPA with a 7.4% ABV and a 60 IBU. This IPA has a pleasing citrus flavor and not overwhelming in bitterness with its moderate IBU. Although I did not pick up on them, there are pine notes listed in the tasting notes as well.

In addition to their beer offering a streamlined food menu is available consisting mostly of sandwiches and salads. I opted for the Home-Style Mac ‘n Cheese, a four cheese sauce topped with bacon. Per the beertender’s recommendation, I added red peppers and chicken. The plate arrived with a cheesy gooey mess of delightfulness and was enough to take some leftovers to enjoy later.

Sedition Brewing is located at 208 Laughlin Street in The Dalles Oregon.

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