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Blacksmith Brewing, Stevensville Montana

Blacksmith Brewing, Stevensville Montana
Blacksmith Brewing, Stevensville Montana

I found myself a spot at the bar inside Blacksmith Brewing and realized I had just witnessed something I had never seen before. I’m not saying I’m an expert on all things beer but this wasn’t my first time to a brewery. The man sitting next to me placed his order for a beer. His order shocked me enough to ask him what the hell he was doing. He had ordered a ½ of a glass of the Cutthroat IPA and ½ of a glass of the Brickhouse Blonde… although that does not sound particularly odd – but what struck me as odd was that he mixed the two in a single pint glass and proceeded to drink it. I was shocked! I had heard of a Black and Tan before… but mixing blondes and IPA’s. I was starting to think this guy might be on to something. He told me that the IPA was too strong for him and the blonde toned it down. It made perfect sense but I did not share in his opinion that the Cutthroat IPA needed to be toned down. It’s citrus taste resonated with me and I found it to be my favorite beer there.

Blacksmith Brewing, Stevensville Montana
inside Blacksmith Brewing, Stevensville Montana

The brewery was full of patrons sprinkled around the bar and the tall pub style seating. The brewery was a classic pub with beer growlers lining the walls but there was a clear theme to the pub. There was iron decor paying homage to the building’s history. According to their website the brick building that the brewery is located in was built in 1908 housing a steam laundry. It later transitioned to a blacksmith shop – hence the name of the brewery.

It was time for my next beer and I ordered the Panty Dropper Pale Ale. It had a funny name so I could not resist giving it a try… the beer not the other! It was a good beer with a 6% ABV but I much preferred the Cutthroat IPA. As I waited for my beer to arrive I noticed a sign across the bar “In Dog Beers I’ve Only Had One”. Perhaps I’ll use that method of counting when my doctor asks me how many alcoholic beverages I consume per week 🙂

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