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California Trip 2013: Day 2 Disneyland, Anaheim California

Disneyland 2013
Disneyland 2013

I thought Disneyland would be an easy task as it was January, although a weekend, I felt that there would not be a lot of people – it is after all the middle of winter. Turns out I was wrong, it was Martin Luther King Jr weekend and it was packed. We waited longer in line to get in to the parking lot and then into the ticket window than we did in any line inside (thankfully!)

Once in we always make a mad dash for our first FASTPASS for the Indiana Jones Ride and then jump in line for Pirates of the Caribbean. The FASTPASS is a lifesaver on the more popular rides. It allows you to hold your place in line without actually standing in line the whole time. It may seem like cheating because you do not have to wait but when you have hours of wait time, why waste it in line? You are only allowed one active FASTPASS at a time and sometimes the passes offered do run out during the day. My advice is get the pass early for the very most popular rides and then the lesser popular rides later in the day. Then fill your wait time in with the rides that do not have a FASTPASS. You will still have to wait in line even with the FASTPASS – there is no avoiding that – but it will cut your waiting time down substantially!

I decided since this was my second trip to Disneyland in less than a year I would do something I would not normally do, find every character I could and have my photo taken with them.

It's like the double mint twins... "Princess Tiana" and me... once in the morning and once in the evening.
It’s like the double mint twins… “Princess Tiana” and me… once in the morning and once in the evening.
Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid and me
Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid and me
Belle and me.
Belle and me.
I'm not sure what Pluto is gasping at... perhaps my pasty white skin.  Hey we don't get sun up in Idaho for like 6 months buddy... it's not funny
I’m not sure what Pluto is gasping at… perhaps my pasty white skin. Hey we don’t get sun up in Idaho for like 6 months buddy… it’s not funny
Mickey, Minnie, me and some orbs
Mickey, Minnie, me and some orbs
Donald Duck and me
Donald Duck and me

I was successful as I got my photo taken with 7 characters. Sure it looked weird that an adult with no kids was getting their photo taken. I even tried to reassure Meg when I saw older people getting their photos taken that it was OK ( I still feel she didn’t think so but didn’t want to point out the embarrassment). At least I am willing to admit the shame unlike the parents having their babies take photos with the characters and obtaining the autographs of the characters. I’m sure a 1-year-old is really going to be aware that she got Cinderella’s autograph.

Since it was early January the It’s a Small World ride was still decorated for the holidays. I had never seen it decorated and why not take the chance to see it now since I was there.

It's a Small World decorated for the holidays
It’s a Small World decorated for the holidays

Once inside it was definitely different to see everything “snow-covered” and decked out with holiday lights. The ride still maintained it’s slightly offensive and creepy ways that it usually does.  It was fun to see the building all lit up with colorful lights however. And now I have that annoying song stuck in my head…

Yes I was that person taking photos with a flash while on the ride.  I realize how annoying that is... no need to let me know :-)
Yes I was that person taking photos with a flash while on the ride. I realize how annoying that is… no need to let me know 🙂

We rounded out the day of long lines and fun rides with the Jungle Cruise. I always enjoy this ride, especially when you get a sassy captain. I like to take this ride at nighttime most likely because it makes it feel more like a real jungle cruise instead of a boat cruising around a bunch of fake animals. Although without the daylight it is hard to see when the hippopotamus are flickering their ears, who are only dangerous when they are flickering their ears 🙂

It was a fun packed day and apparently one of long lines as we never made a repeat trip on any rides, which we usually have at least two repeat rides.

I was also pleased I had made it through and entire day without pushing any kids. I will admit it is rare that I do not gently push at least one kid who had decided to have a full on meltdown right in front of me. Sure it may be a mean thing to do in the happiest place on earth, but I feel it is my duty to let the brat know that the only person who cares about their meltdown is them. Even their parents, after standing in line for an hour to get onto the teacup ride then spending the next 3 minutes spinning around to the point they want to throw up could care less that the kid is upset about something that is most likely trivial. And parents, why the hell do you have your kids out there at 11pm, well past their bedtime? Can’t a gal with no kids enjoy a little Disneyland without sleepy/grumpy kids.  Even I know as a non-parent these kids should have been put to bed hours ago!

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