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Desperately Seeking Sunshine In Winter

Seeking Sunshine In Winter
Boomer and Jovi trying to beat those winter blues

It was a night in early January of this year. I laid awake, tossing and turning for more hours than I was able to sleep. I had had an extra stressful week at work. In addition to that, I also had building pressure from financial woes that had been plaguing me for the last few months. If it could happen, it did. My refrigerator died on me, check. Unexpected car repairs, check. Trouble with my main heat source for my home during an unseasonably cold winter, check. Canceled my annual spring road trip due to reallocating funds to lame adult responsibilities, check. Pulled over for the first time and given a ticket, check. 

With every toss and turn, I felt a heavy weight on my chest. A weight that did not go away the next morning. I was concerned as the last time I had had this feeling was in my early 20’s when my blood pressure was overly high, requiring medication to level it out. I was able to get it under control a few years later, but had my blood pressure woes returned?

Seeking Sunshine In Winter
Every day brought more gray skies and snow…

After meeting with my doctor we found nothing physically wrong. My blood pressure was perfect. My blood work had come back normal. But there was something wrong and it was not overly shocking to hear her udder the words. “It sounds like you’re suffering from SAD”. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder can be common during winter months. Especially during months when it is dark longer than it is light, gray days are more often than sunny and every snowflake piles up to feet of snow. She recommended some vitamins and left me with “you just need some sunshine”.

I went home after the doctor visit and numbingly sat in front of the computer, scrolling through Facebook. I scrolled past status update after status update stopping at one that simply said: “one more day until the THINFStour”.

And while THINFStour may look like gibberish to you, but to a Bon Jovi fan, it meant that there was only one day until the This House Is Not For Sale tour started. I had looked at the tour a few months ago and brushed off the fact that the band was not touring anywhere near where I lived. It was a bummer, but not overly surprising as many big acts avoid the Northwestern part of the United States. There just aren’t enough people there to make it worth their wild.

As I looked over the tour schedule again, which seemed to be heavily saturated in the southern part of the United States, I noticed the tour took a brief detour north to Las Vegas Nevada. And just like that, my mind began throwing together a plan to see Bon Jovi in Las Vegas. I mean it was practically prescribed by my doctor, right? She told me I needed sunshine and Las Vegas has plenty of sunshine.

Like how I justified that?

The concert was just over two weeks away. Good seats were no longer an option and finding a friend to go along with me would be highly unlikely. Airfare was luckily in my favor with a decent price, especially for so late in the game.

I made myself take a beat and sleep on this crazy idea. I am never one to spontaneously do anything. Granted it was still two weeks away, but it was spontaneous for me. I also was going to make one last-ditch effort to try to find a friend to go with me.

The next day rolled around and the find-a-friend campaign did not pan out. Although I was a little sad to be going alone, I was able to obtain a better seat being a solo ticket seeker. I purchased the concert ticket and as soon as I completed the transition I felt instant remorse about my reckless behavior. I pushed through and completed my airfare and hotel transactions. Even though I felt bad about frivolously spending money I had to commit to what I had done.  It would be rude to buy a ticket and then not go to the show!

Seeking Sunshine In Winter
The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

The two weeks passed by quickly and the day of the concert had arrived. I had flown into Vegas that morning and walked to the arena from my hotel. It was hours before the show but the electronic reader board announcing that Bon Jovi was playing that night was worth a picture. As I stood in front of the arena watching the different ads scroll by, waiting for the Bon Jovi ad, I noticed I was not alone. To my left, to my right and standing behind me were all women waiting for the same photo of the arena, announcing the concert we were all about to see that night.

Seeking Sunshine In Winter
My vantage point from up high

The hours had passed, the sun had set, the uncomfortable shoes and sparkly tops had come out. It was concert time. After summiting a small mountain inside the arena I found my seat and the lights dimmed, giving us the telltale sign that the music was about to begin. This tour is unique in the fact that every night there is a different opening act. Less than known bands were asked to submit audition tapes and the winners would open one night of the tour for Bon Jovi. The band who opened in Las Vegas was Daring Greatly, who put on a quick, yet entertaining, 15-minute show for us.

Seeking Sunshine In Winter
Bon Jovi doing what they do best

It had become time for what I had flown to Las Vegas for. To see the man who had seen a million faces and rock them all. From my vantage point, I quickly spotted the silver fox as he made his way to center stage. The lights illuminated the stage and the concert began. Jon enthusiastically performed for 2.5 hours, veering off the set list a few times only to spoil us with more songs.

Seeking Sunshine In Winter
The gang’s all here… well except Sambora who left in 2013

One of the added songs was “I Got The Girl” from the 2000 Crush album. While singing this song Jon stopped and spoke to the audience, which had me a bit concerned about him. He seemed to be rambling on and on about how we all have “little girls” in our lives. The little girls he was referring to were the daughters, girlfriends, wives or mommas in our lives. Then he went back to singing the song and motioned to someone off stage to have them join him. A girl walked out on stage and suddenly the little girl comment made sense. The girl on stage was Jon’s “little girl”, his daughter, Stephanie. The father/daughter duo adorably danced together as he continued singing and playing the guitar. Jon finished the song, pulled his daughter in tight for a hug and gave her several kisses on the cheek. The camera for the jumbo screens just happened to be pointed right at Stephanie’s face when Jon kissed her. And like most girls who get a kiss from their dad, she scrunched up her face with a look of ick. It made me realize that even if your dad is the adorable Jon Bon Jovi you still scrunch your face when your dad kisses you. Although there were plenty of women in that arena who would have switched places with her in a heartbeat! Here is a link to the video if you would like to see the song performed including his rambling.

Seeking Sunshine In Winter
No longer do they use lighters, but cell phones

We were dazzled with a few more songs and collectively melted when the handsome charismatic front man flashed us that million-dollar smile. Although I had initially regretted my decision to go to the concert, I was glad I went against my better judgment. Nothing makes you feel better than hearing your favorite songs played live in a sold out arena. The sunshine in Vegas wasn’t bad either.

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Enjoyed your post, it was so descriptive I almost felt I was there. In the Dr.’s office when the diagnosis came in and at the concert when you filled your prescription. Here’s to an early spring. George

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