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Doubling Down at Double Mountain Brewery Hood River Oregon

Double Mountain Brewery Hood River Oregon
Double Mountain Brewery Hood River Oregon

While driving through Hood River Oregon you may be distracted by the kite-surfers who are taking advantage of the Columbia River and favored windy conditions. But don’t let them distract you too much as there is beer to be had. On this day while in Hood River the beer to be had was from Double Mountain Brewery.

Parking in the town of Hood River is sometimes a little cumbersome. I do not know how early in the day you have to get up to obtain yourself a street parking spot but it must be early as I have never seen an open spot anytime I have stopped in Hood River. I always use the pay-to-park lot located across the street from Full Sail Brewing. Double Mountain Brewery is within easy walking distance from the parking lot.

As I rounded the corner from the parking lot I found street seating for the Double Mountain Brewery that was also dog-friendly. A handy thing to know, but always difficult to handle as a solo traveler. You can’t really tie your dogs up to the table and head to the bar to order. Or maybe you can, but I can’t. Boomer would drag the table into the bar because he would think that I had left him. He’s a special kind of dog.

Double Mountain Brewery Hood River Oregon
Pale Death IPA

I found myself a spot at the bar and forwent my usual tasting flight as I was already familiar with several Double Mountain’s beers. I felt like ordering a full pint glass, like a big girl, and asked for the Pale Death IPA. The bartender asked me if I wanted a taste or if I wanted to just go for it. I told him “Oh I’m goin’ for it” which resulted in a few chuckles from the patrons. The Pale Death is a Belgian IPA with a 9.5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and a 93 IBU. This beer has a nice bitter flavor that dukes it out with a sweet finish. Citrus notes run throughout this beer with kiwi, mango, and pineapple along with coriander and orange peel, which may remind you a bit of the Saison style. This beer is seasonal, offered from April to May.

Double Mountain Brewery Hood River Oregon
Turkey Cheddar Bacon Sandwich

For lunch, I picked a simple turkey cheddar bacon sandwich. It came with Tillamook cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon and spicy chipotle mayo. It was tasty and hit the spot. There is a wide selection of sandwiches, pizza, salads and kid-friendly selections as well.

Double Mountain Brewery Hood River Oregon
Gypsy Stumper IPA

After my lunch, I had my final beer, the Gypsy Stumper IPA with a 7.5% ABV and an 80 IBU. Although this beer has a decent IBU I did not feel it was overly hoppy for an IPA. Of course, that could have been because I was coming down from a 93 IBU from the previous beer and it could have impacted my palate. The beer pours out a pretty amber color with citrus and herbal notes. The Gypsy Stumper is seasonal as well, available January through March.

As I mentioned before I have some familiarity with Double Mountain beers and have a few recommendations from previously consumed beers, for you beer lovers.

My favorite Double Mountain beer is the ClusterF#ck (or sometimes call Cluster for the non-foul-mouthed fans). It has a 7.3% ABV and an 85 IBU. This single hop beer uses the cluster hop and the hop is added throughout the entire brewing process. The cluster hop gives the beer a wide array of flavors from floral, to pineapple to orange. This beer is seasonal and offered June, July, and August.

The Vaporizer Pale Ale is always worthy of a pint glass. This is a dry hopped pale ale with a 6% ABV and a 55 IBU. Citrus notes pair up with a pilsner malt to give this beer a fresh finish.

If you are a fan of hoppy beers but still love a red ale the IRA is the beer for you. With a 6.5% ABV and a 65 IBU this beer does not disappoint as it delivers on both promises of the hoppiness you are looking for from an IPA and caramel maltiness you would expect from a red.

My last recommendation is the Killer Red IPA with a 7.3% ABV and an 85 IBU. Like the IRA this beer marries up the punch of an IPA with a red beer delivering you a flavorful beer made from fresh hops. Hops used are the Perle and Centennial giving this beer delectable fruity flavors. There is also a Killer Green version of this beer, made with fresh hops Gold and Simcoe. Both versions are seasonal from late September to October

The Double Mountain Tap Room and Brewery in Hood River is located at 8 Fourth Street.

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