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I avoided a heart attack at Main Street Brewery Cortez Colorado

Main Street Brewery Cortez Colorado
Main Street Brewery Cortez Colorado

I was excited to visit Colorado. Mostly because it would be a new state for both Boomer and I, but also because of the beer. Colorado is one of the top beer producing states in the United States coming in at 3rd behind Pennsylvania (1st) and California (2nd). Idaho, my home state, comes in 35th.

Something to work on Idaho.

Although our trip through Colorado was brief, just kissing the west side of the state I was able to hit up 3 breweries all around Cortez Colorado. A few weeks ago I wrote about Dolores Brewing, a quick 11 miles away from Cortez. So today we will learn about the Main Street Brewery in Cortez. This brewery pairs up with a brewpub located on Main Street.

Main Street Brewery Cortez Colorado
Beer tasting at Main Street Brewery

I ordered up my first beer the Mesa Cerveza IPA. This beer is a 6.7% Alcohol By Volume (ABV). Although I love IPA’s I was not overly impressed with this beer. The beer was hop forward but the use of floral hops is never enjoyed by me. I did however enjoy their logo that adorned their pint glasses “Avoid Heart Attacks – Drink Beer”. Now if only I could get my doctor to agree with that…

Main Street Brewery Cortez Colorado
Sorry for the blurry photo… apparently I was so excited about the food I was shaking!

My dinner arrived with much delight. A classic burger and fries to go along with my beer. The burger was tasty, however the best part I believe was the buttery toasted bun and then the crispy fries – yum!

Main Street Brewery Cortez Colorado
Trekkie fans I guess

As I ate my dinner I began to take in the visual spectacle of the brew pub’s décor. I was not sure quite what they were going for but it can safely be described as eclectic, ranging from the USS Enterprise mural painted above the bar to the interesting, yet somewhat scary, red bull who guarded over the front door.

Main Street Brewery Cortez Colorado
The Pale Export

My last beer was the Mesa Cerveza Pale Export. I liked this beer better, however it still was flanked with floral hops, but as it was a pale ale it was less hoppy. This beer has a 5.6% ABV.

Main Street Brewery is located at 21 E Main Street in Cortez Colorado.

After I enjoyed my dinner and got over my disappointment that they were out of stickers with their “Avoid Heart Attacks” logo I decided to make one last stop before going back to the hotel for the night. I was using Untappd’s brewery finder and stumbled upon Coyote J. Brewing. The address led me to J.Fargos, a restaurant just down the street from my hotel. Apparently these two are in cahoots.

I walked into the bar and found myself a seat while looking over the narrow list of beers they had on tap, a total of 4 beers to be exact. As I waited for the bartender to take my beer order the man next to me was leaving and as he walked by me said “you ladies have a good evening”. Uh just how much beer did he have – there was only one of me. Poor thing.

As for the beers, like the old saying goes if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I am not going to review the beers from Coyote J. Brewing – and offer a word of caution – probably best to skip this brewery if you love beer. And if you find yourself in the Cortez area I would stick to Main Street Brewery or Dolores Brewing

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