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Icicle Brewing Company, Leavenworth Washington

Icicle Brewing, Leavenworth Washington
Icicle Brewing, Leavenworth Washington

No trip to a Bavarian village would be complete without a stop at a brewery… Located on the east side of town, Icicle Brewing Company would be Boomer’s and my next stop. I wandered around the town until an acceptable drinking hour (although I was on vacation – any time should be appropriate, right?). As I approached the building the front patio, sprinkled with umbrellas was already starting to fill up with people enjoying their beers.

Boomer and I entered the brewery and since I had never had Icicle beer before I figured the best way to get acquainted was to order a tasting flight. The bartender poured me six 4 oz (118 ml) beers and arranged them on the plate. I soon realized I was about to challenge myself holding onto Boomer while holding onto my beer. But like a pro I made it to a table, laying the beer gently down and not spilling a drop. I was impressed with myself as I have never waited a table in my life and with how clumsy I am, I for sure thought I would drop the beer and everyone would give me a collective “ooooooh” (including me to myself).

It may look like Boomer is sitting on my lap but he's not... but what he is doing is thinking about stealing my beer!
It may look like Boomer is sitting on my lap but he’s not… but what he is doing is thinking about stealing my beer!

The sun began to shift and our shaded spot suddenly become half in the sun. I now felt compelled to drink my cold beer quickly before it got too warm. No one likes a warm beer.

When I am tasting anything for the first time I always taste first what I believe I will not like the most and save what I think I will like the most for last. That way I end on a happy note.

I started out with the Bootjack IPA. Although I like hoppy beers I am rarely a fan of IPAs. As I tasted the Bootjack I definitely picked up on the citrus flavor and ironically did not mind this IPA.  Could IPA be like the bratty boy on the playground from your childhood, you know the one you once publicly hated, but now truly secretly loved!?!?  I was starting to wonder if I was growing a fondness for the IPAs.

My next taste was the Priebe Porter. Porters – I can take them or leave them. I do not like coffee flavor and I find porters often have this flavoring. This one did not have the coffee flavoring which I was grateful for but I was still not sold on this porter. Maybe on a cool autumn afternoon it would be a different story.

The heat was starting to get to me and I found that even ice-cold beer, now on their way to lukewarm, were not as even satisfying. I could not believe it, it was so hot that I could not even enjoy a beer!

I decided to finish up my tastings as quickly as I could and tried my next taste of the Crosscut Lager. Like most lagers I only drink them in a pinch. This lager lived up to it’s name and was light and bubbly as I would expect a lager to be.

Now I was moving into the beer territory that I thought would be flavors I would most like. My next taste was the Colchuck Citrus Wheat. I am a fan of wheat beers because they usually have fun flavors in them, like this one had orange and coriander. This was a pretty good wheat beer but I finished off my tasting plate with the Dirty Face Amber. Ambers are one of my favorite beers, hence why I left this one until last. Even though the beer had warmed up in the heat of the day I still found this beer tasty and if I would not have been sweating to death I would have ordered up a pint.

I apologize for the lack of photos in this post… I’m not sure what I was doing at the brewery other than not taking photos and well you know – drinking beer of course!

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