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Mead Wine at Hidden Legend Winery, Victor MT

Mead Wine in Montana
Hidden Legend Winery in Victor Montana

I remember the first time I had heard about mead wine. I was watching Robin Hood Price of Thieves… you know the one with Kevin Costner. Don’t pretend you haven’t seen it. Go ahead and click the link like you’re really wondering what I am talking about… Anyway Robin and Duncan, Robin’s servant, were talking about how Duncan overindulged the night before, “too much mead last night, my old friend?” Robin had asked Duncan.  After tasting mead wine for the first time last year I can see why Duncan may have gorged himself on the wine. It is delightful.

I was driving along highway 93 and had no intention of stopping in Victor, but something caught my eye. Simply put a winery. I carried on down the highway for about a ½ mile and decided to turn around. I had not stopped at any wineries on my trip and I always love to bring home a few bottles of wine from my travels.

The winery is located in a shopping plaza. It is an odd location but I have visited legitimate wineries in the basements of some people’s homes before and lived to tell about it. At least this was in a retail space! I walked in and was greeted by the tasting room host. After I had explained that I had never tried mead wine before the host was very helpful with guiding me through the many different mead wines they had to offer.

I first tried the Pure Mead Honey. Although it is made with fermented honey (that is what mead is if you did not know) and sugar this wine was not as sugary as I had expected. This wine would be excellent chilled while enjoying a sunny day. I liked this one so much I purchased a bottle.

I tried the Peach Mead next. I love the flavor of peach and thought this would be one that I would like… it wasn’t. I also was not a fan of the Maple Honey Mead. I was surprised as my family roots come from Canada and I would think the flavor of maple would be coursing through my veins but it was too much maple flavor for me.

My next tasting was the Chokecherry Honey Mead. I do not see chokecherry often but when I do it is always a must try. I love the flavor of cherry in wine and this wine was a hit with me. I also bought a bottle of this wine.

The last tasting was a mix of mead and grapes in The Kings Mead. This wine was definitely different from the rest of the other traditional mead wines. I could taste the grapes and the texture of the wine was less dense than the other mead wines. I was so intrigued by this wine I also bought a bottle of this wine as well.

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