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Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016

Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016
Boomer and Jovi ready for adventure!

Another travel year in the books!  Here is our Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016.

Our 2016 travel schedule started early this year with a January trip to Thayne Wyoming to pick up the newest addition to our family, Jovi. Jovi had been patiently waiting for about a month for us to come and get her from the shelter she had been at for about 6 months. With a break in the weather Boomer and I took a quick three day trip to pick her up. I could not have asked for a more perfect match for Boomer. Jovi and Boomer are the best of friends.  Which made the treacherous drive through a snowy Montana and Idaho in January worth it!

Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016
Traveling along Route 66

We took our annual spring trip this year heading to New Mexico as our main destination. I learned a lot on this trip. It was far too much driving in too short of a time. I had crammed too many activities in without adequate time to do those activities. The trip was more rushed than usual which bummed me out.  I also had to cut a lot of activities out of our trip because of this time crunch.  Like they say – slow travel is the way to go.  And there was nothing slow about our trip this year.

The planning for our Spring 2017 trip has not even been started.  Which is odd for me as I usually have all my i’s dotted and t’s crossed by now.  I will for sure take what I learned about time management this year into consideration for 2017. I am hoping to check off North Dakota and possibly Minnesota in 2017.  This will of course depend on how much time I can get off from work.  It also depends on if those states will still be covered in snow in April of next year or not!  Based on how things are looking right now they probably will be. If snow barricades me from the Midwest I have also been thinking about Texas.

I did a much better job this year than last year of including Boomer, and now Jovi, in my travels. I did not have to leave them for any of my trips this year which is a great accomplishment.  Last year I spent most of my year traveling without Boomer. Travel is always better with the dogs!

Boomer and I only hit up one state this year that we had never been to, New Mexico.  Jovi showed us up with 8 new states… or so we think. We don’t know much about Jovi’s history.  Who knows maybe she was a traveling dog with her previous family.  But 8 states in one year is a pretty impressive for Miss Jovi if she was not a traveling dog.

I kept it pretty short considering we traveled quite a bit this year but Boomer says I should get back to warping his Christmas presents!

Below is the Paws For Beer Travel Round Up for 2016. These are all the places that Boomer, Jovi and I traveled this year. Bolded cities/states are new locations we had never traveled to before.  Aside from Thayne, every spot was new to Jovi.

Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016
Butte Brewing, Butte Montana

Big Fork 

Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016
Jovi, about 15 minutes after we adopted her. I think she was a little scared!


Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016
We grow ’em big here in Idaho


Salt Lake City
Woods Cross

Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016
Standin’ on the corner in Winslow Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park

Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016
Carlsbad Caverns

New Mexico
Clines Corners
Carlsbad Caverns National Park
El Pardo 

Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016
Boomer at Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Del Norte
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Grand Junction 

Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016
Boomer and Jovi sitting at a brewery in Bellingham


Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016
Boomer and Jovi at the Oregon Coast

Hood River
Canyon Beach
Pacific City

Happy Holidays from Boomer, Jovi and Brittany!

Paws For Beer Travel Round Up 2016
Boomer and Jovi getting in their wish lists with Santa

Where did you travel to this year? Did you hit up any new spots that you had never been to before?

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