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Paws For Beer’s May Beer Round Up

Paws For Beer's May Beer Round Up
Paws For Beer’s May Beer Round Up

Hey, so… We’ve been MIA for about a month.

No, we didn’t die.  Or pass out from drinking too much beer.

In fact, we haven’t been drinking much beer lately because I have been dealing with a slightly obnoxious allergy whenever I drink beer.  I know, I know!  Pick your jaw up off the ground.  I am just as shocked as you are.

Aside from not being able to drink beer, I may have to rethink many of my life choices. For starters, the name of this blog will obviously have to change.  Because I may not be able to pause for beer any longer.

And then there is the decor around my house… Ugh.  I just redid my kitchen last December in a beer theme.

Oh and the majority of my travel planning will have to shift from building trips around brewery visits to… Geeze, I don’t know.  Why do people travel if it’s not for beer?

Just kidding, I know why people travel.  The history, the immersion of one’s self into a new society, expanding your mind, thinking outside your little spot in the world.  But damn it, THE BEER!  I travel for beer.

It will be a sad day for sure if I have to say goodbye forever to my old friend, Beer.  But like the debateable quote says, I won’t let what I love kill me.

So if you don’t mind, please indulge me, as I reminisce about some breweries I visited a few months ago, back when I could enjoy a beer without a care in the world.  Now I am forced to Google ingredients, cross my fingers when I order a beer and pop some Benedryl when necessary.

Paws For Beer's May Beer Round Up

Perry Street Brewing Tasting FlightPerry Street Brewing in Spokane Washington 

If you want to see the cutest neighborhood in Spokane you will find it in the Perry District.  There are many reasons to stop by here:  the Thursday night Farmers’ Market, South Perry Pizza (yum!), adorable tree-lined streets framing young and old architecture.  I could go on, but lets be honest, you’re going to want to visit the neighborhood for the beer!

Paws For Beer's May Beer Round Up
A wrap of chicken with a side of potatoes

Perry Street Brewing has a tight, yet tasty menu of pub-style foods with a small cider and wine list.  But it is the inventive beer list that will have you belling up to the bar for a tasting flight or pints to enjoy.

Two beers to highlight from Perry Street are the Citra Dust Double IPA and the Tart Saison.

We will start with the Citra Dust Double IPA.  This beer is a love of mine as it comes in hot with the Citra hop.  Although it is just a single hop beer, it is the right hop.  Citra is bold and flavorful with its obvious citrus notes.  It has a 9% ABV and a 90 IBU.

The Tart Saison mixes two of my favorite things, the tartness of a sour and the spiciness of a Saison.  Saisons are probably one of my favorite styles as they are like a kicked up hefe, which is already an awesome style of beer as it’s light, wheaty and refreshing on a hot summer day.  The Tart Saison has these same characteristics, but an added layer of pucker.  The beer has a 5.5% ABV and an unlisted IBU.  The lower ABV does allow for multiple tastes, which I recommend to anyone looking for a beer to share some patio time with.  And if you’re looking for a great patio to spend some time on, Perry Street Brewing has just the patio for you to sun-soak yourself in while enjoying your beer and tasty snacks they have on their food menu.

Perry Street Brewing is located at 1025 South Perry STE 2 Spokane Washington

Bellwether Brewing, Spokane Washington  

Paws For Beer's May Beer Round Up
Bellwether Brewing

Bellwether Brewing is located in the Emerson-Garfield neighborhood.  This neighborhood is in transition right now.  It’s got a lot of potential and it has a great foundation of people working on improving the area. One of the neighborhood champions is Bellwether Brewing.  They help support the local farmers’ market, which I recommend dropping by.  It’s a Friday night market and I think a Friday night market is a great idea!  You can get your local shopping done on Friday, leaving your Saturday, a traditional Farmers Market day, open for playtime with the family, dogs or friends.

After the market, drop by Bellwether, located just a few steps away from the market on Monroe Street.

Bellwether Brewing’s lineup is full of old-style beers such as Braggots, Commons, Barley Wines and featured meads from local Meadery, Hierophant.

Paws For Beer's May Beer Round Up
“hummingbird juice”

If they have a mead from Hierophant Meadery on their lineup, get your hands on this.  During my summer visit, I had the Raspberry Session.  It. Was. Dynomite!  Now if you do not like sugary drinks, this may be a pass for you, although I still recommend getting a taster.  The glass arrived, filled to the top, with what I would later refer to as hummingbird juice.  Mostly because of its color, but also because of its sweet nature.

The raspberry does cut the sweetness down a bit, but overall this is a dangerously delicious drink that is full of flavor and leaves you wanting to buzz around the room looking for more.  Just kidding, you’re not a real hummingbird.

Paws For Beer's May Beer Round Up
Flight of beer at Bellwether

Bellwether’s Second Breakfast is a fresh take on a traditional hefeweizen.  Adding some lemon and honey notes changes up the flavors just enough to take you on the ride, but still stays true to a hefe’s traditional values of being wheaty.  This beer has a 5.7% ABV and a 19 IBU.

The Fibber Mcgee’s IPA is also worth grabbing a pint of.  It’s a hazy beer with bold flavors of citrus notes and a 5.3% ABV and an 85 IBU.  I liked this beer due to its citrus affinity and the thicker mouthfeel giving you a little bit of “meat to grab onto” as you take your first tasting sip.  It also pairs up nicely with their baked goods, made at a local bakery using the brewery’s spent grain.   And who doesn’t like to recycle?

Bellwether Brewing is located at 2019 N Monroe Street Spokane Washington

Paws For Beer's May Beer Round Up
Iron Goat Brewery Tasting Flight

Iron Goat Brewing, Spokane Washington 

I have yet to be at Iron Goat Brewing when it wasn’t busy.  And it’s for good reason.  Their beer is worthy of pulling you in, but so is their food.

A stand out beer is the Mosaic IPA.  The mosaic hop is popular right now in beer brewing.  It is considered the “perfect hop” as it is flavorful and has a great aroma, which lends itself well to IPAs.  The Mosaic hop is also, unfortunately, the demise of my beer drinking woes as of late.  But just because I am allergic to Mosaic doesn’t mean you should suffer.   The notes on this beer are mango, citrus, pine, tropical and herbal.  Do you see why it’s the perfect hop?  It runs the gamut of flavors and can morph itself into whatever the brewer needs for flavor.

I am also a big fan of their sours.  The Passion Fruit Guava Sour and the Blackberry Apricot Sour are also both stellar with a nice balance of fruitiness versus sour.

Paws For Beer's May Beer Round Up
Take yourself out on a date with Iron Goat’s Date Pizza

In addition to their beer, I suggest showing up hungry. The menu is full of options covering several gluten-free and vegan selections.  The pizzas (although not gluten-free) are fantastic.  I have had both the Dates Pizza and the Thai Chicken Pizza and they both delivered up on their promises of tastiness as well as pairing perfectly with my beer selections.

Iron Goat Brewing is located at 1302 West Second Street in Spokane Washington.

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There are a lot of great breweries in Spokane! My personal favorite is Badass Backyard Brewing in the Spokane Valley. An all women brewing team and phenomenal beer

I started to develop allergies for apples and cherries in my mid 20s… I love them so much that here and there I just bite the bullet and eat them anyway and suffer through the allergic reactions later. Many times it’s worth it. hahah-

yeah sometimes I think about just muscling through it with the hopes of maybe rebuilding my tolerance against it and I will be able to drink that hop again… we shall see. So many IPAs use the mosaic hop – it’s a real bummer.

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