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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Trip Rewind: Andy Warhol Museum, Penn Brewery, PNC Park

As usual I had befriended someone at work and they had decided to move on and I was being left behind. I am not trying to throw myself a pity party, but I am just bringing up the point why I now say “I don’t bother learning their names, they’ll be gone soon” when referring to a new coworker.

While my friends may move on to new places and companies, it does give me the chance to travel to see them. My friend Laura had moved on to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for a new job and I had decided to visit her.  For my visit Laura and I both came up with a few ideas and then we meshed them together to create an itinerary.

I was usually in charge of our trip planning so I was excited to see what Laura came up with. Prior to my arrival she had mentioned that Rod Stewart was going to be in town performing and we should see him. I laughed it off and in hindsight probably one of the worst decisions I have ever made. I mean it’s Rod Stewart after all – you shouldn’t miss that… EVER!

Andy Warhol Museum Pittsburgh PA
Andy Warhol Museum Pittsburgh PA

After skipping out on Rod we filled our day with a visit to the Andy Warhol Museum. I am a fan of Warhol, I even have a print of his Diamond Dust Shoes Blue and Grey oil painting from 1981 in my living room (I have the print because obviously I can’t afford an original… sigh).

It is an interesting museum filled with a collection of beautiful pop art from classic familiar work such as the Campbell’s Soup Cans to Marilyn Monroe’s famous multiple images. Even a fascinating room of silver balloons floating around creating the most peaceful experience.

Penn Brewery, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Penn Brewery, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Our next stop would be grabbing some food at Penn Brewery. As usually I am always on the look out for new beer options and this brewery would suit my need. Penn Brewery is a German style brewery along with German influenced food.

We ordered a meat plate that was slightly out of our comfort zone but I still enjoyed the beer. Their Penn Gold, Penn Dark and Penn Weizen have all won several awards.

PNC Park, Pittsburgh PA
PNC Park, Pittsburgh PA

Our last stop of the day was the PNC Park for a baseball game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Milwaukee Brewers (you might be able to guess who I was rooting for!)

Never one to pass up an opportunity to watch a live sporting event we got ourselves some tickets to the game, grabbed ourselves some ice cream in a plastic ball cap and took in America’s greatest pastime.

PNC after the game
PNC after the game

I get the gist of baseball however I would never watch it on TV as it is time-consuming and in my opinion boring (take into consideration I watch NASCAR – a sport that many claim as boring).

In real life however, sitting in the seats watching the baseball action right in front of me was a fun time. I bought myself an overpriced beer to commemorate the occasion, a Yuengling Beer. It was my first time drinking a Yuengling and unless I frequent the east coast more often I would probably not have another one anytime soon. According to their site they are America’s oldest brewery. As I consumed my beer I watched the Pirates sadly loose (but we all knew I was rooting for the Brewers anyways – how could I not).

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