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Blue Heron French Cheese Company, Tillamook Oregon

blue heron french cheese company
Blue Heron French Cheese Company

While at the Tillamook Cheese Factory I overheard someone mention that there was another cheese factory in the area with I quote “better cheese than Tillamook”. I thought to my self ‘I’ll be the judge of that’.

California Travels with Friends

Wine Tasting in Temecula California

wine tasting in temecula california
Temecula Cable Car Wine Tours

Anyone who has gone wine tasting with their friends knows it is no fun being the driver. You are limited from drinking most of the day while your friends progressively get drunker and drunker. I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of being around people who are drunk when I am stone cold sober!

So while visiting Temecula my friend Meg and I sought out a car service to cart us both around so neither one of us had to miss out on the fun. We chose Temecula Cable Car Wine Tours. I thought it would be fun bouncing around wine country in a cable car!

Trip Rewinds USA Mid-Atlantic Travels Virginia

Trip Rewind Virginia: Williamsburg Winery, Williamsburg Virginia

Trip Rewinds are stories from my earlier travels prior to the Paws for Beer blog’s creation. The stories may be oldies, but hopefully you find them to be goodies 🙂

Over the next few postings I will tell you about my trip to Virginia in 2008.

It was another trip with another friend to visit who I had once worked with and now lived across the country. As usual I did not mind – I love to travel. In my opinion there is no better way to explore than with a local.

South Dakota USA Mid-West Travels

Day 4 – Wine Tasting in Hill City, South Dakota

Wine Tasting in Hill City, South Dakota
My wine loot from the Hill City SD Wineries

After gaining some unexpected time by getting out of the bison round up early I decided to do a little wine tasting before picking up Boomer. But first I stopped in at Hill City to check into our hotel. I was starting to realize that traveling with a dog was cumbersome.