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The Nutcracker Museum, Leavenworth Washington

How do you know you may have a slight collecting problem? You have about 6000 nutcrackers and you are searching for more. Here inside The Nutcracker Museum I found just that – a collector who loves nutcrackers and was on the hunt for more in Europe.

The museum was a location that Boomer would not be able to join me so I put him in the truck, cracked the windows, put up a sunshade, gave him a bowl of water and plugged in an oscillating fan. It was not the best solution but I would try to make the visit to the museum fast so I could get back to him as quickly as possible.

I did not know what to expect at The Nutcracker Museum. I was interested to see it however as it justified a museum. After paying a small fee of $2.50 I entered the museum. The docent informed me that she had just started a movie on the history of the nutcracker. As I was the only attendant in the museum I felt obligated and found myself a spot to watch the movie.

A few minutes passed by and a rather large and loud group came in and started snapping photos with the life-sized nutcracker, Karl, in the main entrance. Apparently they felt no obligation in watching the movie nor realized the huge sign below Karl asking not to touch him.  I personally wish I could have a sign like Karl’s for myself.  I may look cuddly – but I don’t like to be hugged!

Karl minded his manners while the large group tormented him
Karl minded his manners while the large group tormented him

Fortunately the group moved on and I was able to finish up the movie and then begin my visit into the museum. I had asked the docent if taking photos of the nutcrackers was allowed and she had indicated it was, however I found signs toward the end of my tour that indicated it was not. Whoops and too late now!


I walked down the isles lined in protective glass shelving. The shelves were organized into sections of all different sorts of nutcrackers. The huge collection ranged from metal hand-held crackers to huge wooden figurines. There were funny nutcrackers, indecent nutcrackers and classic nutcrackers. I actually had no idea there could be so many nutcrackers but made sense as nuts have been consumed since the Stone Age.

metal nutcrackers
metal nutcrackers

My personal favorite was the Star Wars theme nutcrackers and a close runner-up Snow White and her seven dwarfs.

Fairy tale themed nutcrackers
Fairy tale themed nutcrackers
Star Wars and Super Hero themed Nutcrackers
Star Wars and Super Hero themed Nutcrackers

If you would like to see this impressive collection of nutcrackers while in Leavenworth the museum is open from 2pm to 5pm daily May – October and 2pm to 5pm Saturdays and Sundays November – April. The museum is located at 735 Front Street, upstairs but there is an elevator if needed.

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