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Trip Rewind Canada 2009:Jasper National Park Alberta

Jasper National Park
Mount Edith Cavell

Jasper National Park was my favorite spot of this trip to Canada. The town was an adorable village with obviously some sort of architectural ordinance.  Not that that was a bad thing, it just was clear that the storefronts had to have a “village charm” to them, which added to Jasper’s appeal.

Mount Edith Cavell
The cute buildings of Jasper

We located the local brewery, Jasper Brewing and grabbed a few pints and dinner. Drama Papa was always good for sitting and having a beer with me. According to the brewery’s website they were Canada’s first National Park Brewery.

After dinner we walked around the town and picked up a few supplies at the co-op grocery store before heading to the campground. I need to have my s’more makin’s when ever I am camping! As we checked in at the campground the staff informed us that there was a free pile of wood for all campers. This was perfect as I love campfires (and campfires go well with s’mores).

Drama Papa and I set up camp and night had come upon us. I am not sure if Drama Papa was homesick or just being a brat but he mentioned ‘I don’t know why we had to come here.  All we are doing is sitting around a campfire drinking beer; we could do this at home.’

My heart sank. I had spent all this time planning a great trip for us and apparently I was the only one who wanted to be here. I learned at that moment that no matter how much you want a travel companion, you can never convince someone to be a traveler if they have no interest in it. Perhaps my excitement to see glaciers overshadowed the fact that Drama Papa didn’t really want to go in the first place and most likely only agreed to not hurt my feelings. So that worked out well 🙁

After I recovered (meaning I just drank enough beer to erase what he had said) we sat in silence around the fire. Luckily for Drama Papa the next day would be our last day in the national parks and he could return to the boring monotony he was comfortable with.

The next morning I started fresh. I was in Jasper National Park and I was going to have fun, damn it! We grabbed some baked goods at the Bear Paw Bakery. I guess they had received quite a bit of publicity on their white chocolate and raspberry scone due to Oprah’s approval. The place was packed, most likely not from Oprah’s approval, but word on the street was that they had the best baked goods around.  We grabbed a few snacks and were on our way.

Jasper National Park
Mount Edith Cavell

Before leaving Jasper we headed out to Mount Edith Cavell. This is a must do stop in my opinion! The road out there is windy, rough and probably not the best idea in a low clearance car. Drama Papa and I both get motion sickness easily and luckily for me I was driving – so no sickness for me!

Jasper National Park
Mount Edith Cavell

We arrived to the parking lot and I saw the towering Mount Edith Cavell. At just over 11,000 feet (3363 meters) this jagged glacier covered peak had me at hello. The walking path, Path of the Glacier Trail, had a slight elevation to it but seemed to be pretty manageable. I don’t know if it was because Drama Papa was carsick or not but he chose to sit in the truck while I explored. I had had enough of him holding me back so I headed up the trail in my flip-flops, which I probably should have swapped my shoes out for something a bit more suitable, but I was off to get a closer view of the mountain and glacier.

Jasper National Park
near Mount Edith Cavell

I climbed higher and higher absorbing all the beauty around me. The trail had become rocky and less accommodating of my flip-flops, so I turned around back to the parking lot. Let’s be honest I would not have be able to glacial hike in flip-flops anyways. This stop was definitely the highlight of our (or my) trip to Jasper!

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6 replies on “Trip Rewind Canada 2009:Jasper National Park Alberta”

We loved Jasper it has a strange wild west feel to it, especially down near the railroad. The scenery is spectacular I agree.

Jasper is a cute town for sure. When I go back to visit I hope to spend more time in the town as I did not get to spend much time there before. Jasper looked like it had some cute shops.

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