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Trip Rewind: Greenfield Village, Dearborn Michigan

Greenfield Village
Greenfield Village

After we got our fill of the cars and treasures inside the Henry Ford Museum we decided to visit The Greenfield Village which is next door to the Henry Ford Museum. A small village of 80 acres with around 83 historic buildings either built there or transported to create the authentic feeling of what life was like in the 1800’s.

Some of the highlights were Noah Webster’s home, the author of the Webster’s Dictionary and Edison’s workshops, even seeing the an example of the light bulb designed by Edison that has now become chic as it is used in industrial interior design today.

Edison Light Bulb
Edison Light Bulb

The park is broken up in to 7 sections, the Roadway Junction which houses historic railway items from the 1800’s.

The working farms section has, you guessed it, all things farm related. This windmill, the Farris Windmill, was relocated here from Cape Code Massachusetts.

Edison at Work was the next district which included all things Edison. The area included his workshops and the powerhouse along with the boarding house used by his employees.

The next section was the Porches and Parlors, a collection of farm houses and plantation houses. This is also where you would find Webster’s house along with the famous poet Robert Frost.

The Library Craftworks area included the glass shop where we watched some glass blowing and took a peek inside the machine shop.
Main Street district had to be the most happening spot of the park, most likely because it was lunch time and people were grabbing a bite to eat at some of the restaurants, and we were no different. We decided to eat at Eagle Tavern where I learned something about myself. I had never had a mint julep and thought I would give it a try. Well it turns out I hate mint juleps – so I guess there will be no big hats and horse racing for me in the future. The delightfully tasty cornbread made up for my disappointing drink however.

The last district was the Henry Ford Model T. Rides in Model-T’s and Model-AA bus were offered. This was also a bustling spot as there were many cars zipping back and forth carrying visitors around the park. I slightly regret not taking a ride in one of these classic cars. Also in the area was the Ford Motor Company building which is a replica of Ford’s first factory that was located in Detroit.

a replica of Ford's first motor company
a replica of Ford’s first motor company

Greenfield Village was an pleasant step back into time where I learned many things about the Ford Motor Company, Thomas Edison and that I should never have another mint julep again.

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