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Trip Rewind: Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn Michigan


I never thought I would go to Detroit in my life…. ever. Seriously never ever did that ever cross my mind… ever.

There were many things that I found unappealing about Detroit, the high crime for starters. But what bothered me most about Detroit is that it’s Ford country. Now all you Ford fans, do not get offended, it’s a NASCAR thing. My alliance in 2007 was with Dodge and Chevy thanks to my fondness for Bobby Labonte, who drove the #43 Dodge Cheerios car and Dale Earnhardt Jr turned left famously in his red #8 Chevy Bud car.

Anyways not to bore anyone with NASCAR (unless you’re not bored – I could go on for hours). The reason that the Detroit trip became a reality was due to a pair of my friends getting married… where do you ask? At the Henry Ford Estate of course just outside of Detroit.

After committing to going to the wedding I boldly stated “I will not be going to the Henry Ford Museum”. Well never say never – because that is where I ended up going.

While the soon to be married couple and my friend Laura were busy with wedding preparations, Laura’s parents and I decided to meet up with a few other friends (ironically all former co-workers of mine) who lived in the Detroit area.

I knew I had to give Detroit a chance it was nicknamed “hockey town” after all. I loved hockey and how could I dislike a town nicknamed after that?

My friends and I met up at a sports bar, Hockeytown Café. I enjoyed the massive puck that orbited above the front door as we entered into the restaurant. After grabbing a quick bite we headed out to the Henry Ford Museum.

Hockeytown downtown Detroit, Michigan
Hockeytown downtown Detroit, Michigan

Along our drive I mentality readied myself for the abundance of Fords I was about to see. Little did I know what was inside the Henry Ford Museum was not just Fords but an eclectic collection of historic cars, motorcycles, trains, horse drawn buggies – if it had wheels it was in there.

My favorite section of our tour had to be the museum gallery. It was filled with famous cars from music videos. The 1951 Mercury from David Lee Roth’s California Girls (not Katy Perry thank you very

David Lee Roth California Girls car
David Lee Roth California Girls car

Van Halen’s Hot for Teacher 1932 Ford Hot Rod

Hot for Teacher car
Hot for Teacher car

The museum was packed with amazing cars, like the state cars of Kennedy and Regan.

Kennedy's state car
Kennedy’s state car

I also found this Ford Mark VI race car driven by AJ Foyt and Dan Gurney in the 1967 24 hours of LeMans. This was a pretty bad ass looking car.


After we perused around some more, taking in all the sites of the classic cars, we stumbled onto the most important vehicle of all… The Oscar Mayer Wiener-mobile. Ok, maybe not the most important, the Rosa Park bus was in the collection after all and I am positive that is way more impressive that a traveling wiener.


I found my dislike for Fords lessening as the tour of the museum continued, I even picked up a magnet from the gift shop of a famous Henry Ford Quote “Any customer can have… any color that he wants… so long as it is black”.  All early Ford models cars were painted black hence the irony!

The Henry Ford Museum is not just for “gear-heads”. The entire family can enjoy this excursion as there is so much to explore.  There is more than just the cars as there are airplanes on display from the Wright brothers and the interesting Dymaxion House, the house of the future or what looked like a flying saucer – but who am I to judge?

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