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Trip Rewind Las Vegas: Freemont Street at Night and Daytime

Freemont Street at Night and Daytime
The Golden Nugget

After we returned from our visit to the Valley of Fire we were in need of dinner.  Amy decided to turn in for the night and Laura contacted the married couple to see if they would join us. They decided not to meet us.  I will save you most of the remaining drama of that story and leave it with they still owe me money for our shared expenses and I have never spoken to them since.  Not that I ever expect to get that money but it really points out the fact that you have to be careful when you plan trips with others. No one likes traveling with a wet blanket and the wife was a sobbingly soaked wet blanket most of the trip.

Freemont Street at Night and Daytime
I of course had to ride The Deuce!

Anyways now we can move on. Laura and I took the public transit downtown to Freemont Street. I was excited to take a ride on this bus as it shared a nickname of mine “deuce”.

I will briefly share the story of why I am called deuce as it may strike you as odd, as some refer to a deuce as poop. And for the record I would not allow anyone to call me poop. Maybe “the shit”, but not poop. I have a friend, who I call Precious.  Precious is not her given name but she is precious. She is tall, thin, blonde and has an adorable southern drawl. At work one day she was stuffing her face with a cookie, not an uncommon occurrence, but often something I was jealous of that she could eat like that and stay thin.

On this day I overheard her say “ugh, I feel like I weigh like a 150 pounds”. I turned to my friend Meg and said “I wished I weighed a 150 lbs”. Precious turned around and questioned me “well how much do you weigh?”… my response “deuce, deuce and a half” and from that point forward I would be known as Deuce.

After getting on the Deuce we were transported to the glittery nightlife of downtown Vegas. The slots were loose, the food was cheaper and I found it to be much more enjoyable. Laura had mentioned that we should stay downtown next time we visit Vegas as it would cut our hotel bill down substantially.

Freemont Street at Night and Daytime
The Golden Nugget

We found a restaurant open in The Golden Nugget and ate our meals quickly so we could get back to the fun of Freemont Street. After dinner we wondered around the streets taking in the lights and people watching.

Freemont Street at Night and Daytime
Downtown Las Vegas

Laura’s family is lucky when it comes to playing slot machines in my opinion. I have sat many times next to her or her mom as the dollars fall out of the machines. Tonight we found ourselves a spot in the Fitzgeralds, Laura even found a machine she had won on before and decided this machine would have same luck it did the last time. I found myself a machine near by and as usual I donated my money. I do not mind losing, and occasionally I do win but my losses are definitely more than my wins. But it is all about the fun, right!?

After we had played the slots to our heart’s content we decided to head back to the strip, but not before watching the Freemont Street light show and snapping some pictures of the classic neon signs that lined the famous street.

Freemont Street at Night and Daytime
The Plaza… or Biffs!

My favorite was the Plaza hotel as it reminded me of Back to the Future II when Marty was in the alternate 1985 and the hotel was called “Biffs”. We also took a quick peek down the Freemont East District street, just off of Freemont Street. It was also lined with neon signs from Vegas’ past.

Laura, Amy and I decided to return to Freemont Street in the morning the next day. It was our final day in Vegas and I was ready to get home. In the daylight Freemont was less impressive as the glitter and sparkle of the night had turned in for the day. Although the flash was gone we still enjoyed walking around looking at the neon signs from the past and stopped in at Hennessey’s Tavern – you can probably guess what attracted me to the spot.

Freemont Street at Night and Daytime
A giant pint of beer… don’t mind if I do

We also made a quick pit stop at the Sahara Hotel (note that the Sahara shut down in 2011) to visit the NASCAR café. Amy had seen a Man VS Food episode taped there where the show had featured their massive burrito competition. As we walked into the café we found a wall of pictures of all the successful burrito eaters. Also found inside was a classic piece of NASCAR history, the Intimidator’s black #3. It was a great finish to the day before heading home.

Freemont Street at Night and Daytime
Me and Dale, sharing a NASCAR moment

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