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Trip Rewind Virginia: Williamsburg Winery, Williamsburg Virginia

Trip Rewinds are stories from my earlier travels prior to the Paws for Beer blog’s creation. The stories may be oldies, but hopefully you find them to be goodies 🙂

Over the next few postings I will tell you about my trip to Virginia in 2008.

It was another trip with another friend to visit who I had once worked with and now lived across the country. As usual I did not mind – I love to travel. In my opinion there is no better way to explore than with a local.

My friend Amy and her family moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia a few years prior to my visit. I had decided it was time to see them in early September of 2008. I did not have much planned for the trip other than we would be attending a NASCAR race in Richmond Virginia, my favorite race track out of the entire circuit.

Before we took in the fun of under the lights racing at Richmond, Amy surprised me with a trip to the Williamsburg Winery. Amy always has the best surprises!

Colonial Williamsburg is definitely somewhere I would like to visit again.  Although we did visit the winery, I would love to partake in the other attractions, especially the plantation houses. I love the history of the old south, minus the slavery history of course. So it sounds like I will be planning another visit to see you Amy!

The Williamsburg Winery was founded in 1985 and creates both red and white wines.  They are best known for their Governor’s White, originally released in 1988. This is a fairly large winery with a rich history. The land was once a farm, dating back to 1616, where the first grapevine was planted. The fact that something can date back to 1616 is pretty impressive to me as I come from the west coast. We are lucky to see things date back as late as the 1800’s.  Manifest Destiny originated around the 1840’s and with the exception of the native inhabitants there was not much out west prior to the 1840’s. Not that the native inhabitants minded I am sure.

With a wine glass in hand of course I'm happy while visiting Willamsburg Winery
With a wine glass in hand of course I’m happy while visiting Willamsburg Winery

The tour started out in the tasting room and then they lead us down to a dim lit room where we found row upon row of wine barrels. Any girl’s dream of course! Near by was the private wine cellar room where we found the walls lined with bottles of wine and a table in the middle with our soon to be tasted wines.

Willamsburg Winery Reserve Tasting Tour
Willamsburg Winery Reserve Tasting Tour

After tasting our wines we made our way back up to the main tasting room and bought a few bottles. I usually buy wine when I am tasting. It is a bad habit that I have. Unfortunately Williamsburg Winery was unable to ship the wine to my home state of Idaho.  This of course at the time was not uncommon, and has only since gotten better in the past few years. I bought the bottles and decided I would pack them in my suitcase for the flight home. The only snag was that I had already a few bottles in my suitcase from my visit to Pittsburgh (I had tagged onto my Pittsburgh trip and flew over to see Amy in Virginia).  With the addition of these wine bottles it resulted in my bags being overweight. Damn you 50 lb weight limit! I of course only found this out while I was departing and luckily Amy was still at the counter with me as I was checking in for my flight. I pulled the bottles out of my suitcase, met the weight limit and politely requested that Amy ship me the wine, which of course she agreed.

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