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Visiting Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock with Dogs

Haystack Rock with Dogs
Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock

We picked up Jovi early last year from Wyoming. And while Jovi’s history may be unknown, it is probably safe to assume that she had never been to the ocean before. The shelter staffer when we picked up Jovi described the people who had owned Jovi before as less than awesome. Less than awesome people probably do not drive all the way from Wyoming to take their dog to the ocean.

Haystack Rock with Dogs
Boomer having a blast at the ocean

So to make up for these less than awesome people I decided to drive from Idaho, where we live now, to take Jovi to the ocean. Specifically Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock. Boomer had been to the Pacific Ocean a few times before and enjoyed it immensely. So I thought maybe Jovi would too. Although I will admit Boomer seems to enjoy any water more than Jovi.

We arrived in Cannon Beach, finding a parking spot along a residential street.   A small price to pay to have tourists park in your front yard when your front yard is the ocean.  Although Jovi could see the water when we got out of the car I do not think it fully resonated with her as to where she was.

Haystack Rock with Dogs

Then she finally figured it out.

Haystack Rock with Dogs
Boomer and Jovi playing on Cannon Beach

Oregon is a state you love if you are a dog owner. One of the best parts about Oregon is that their beaches are dog-friendly. There are leash rules, however, I have found that if you can keep your dog under voice command no one seems to bother you. I mean really can you imagine being a dog and having to be on a leash while at the ocean? It’s like releasing a girl into a Prada store with an Amex card and saying “you can’t buy anything”.

Haystack Rock with Dogs
Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock is the star of the Cannon Beach show. The rock stands 235 feet (71 m) tall and is usually dotted with some sort of avian life. Most commonly seen there are seagulls, tufted puffins, and cormorants. While we were there seagulls were prevalent however we saw no other type of birds. A pair of binoculars would have come in handy so I would have gotten a closer view of the rock and the birds that were on the rock. A small gathering of volunteers was located on the beach near the Haystack Rock. There are volunteers there each summer day during low tide to ensure the safety of the rock as well as the wildlife around it.

Haystack Rock with Dogs
A happy Jovi dog!

The beach is wide open, allowing for plenty of places to run pedal to the metal while rushing the waves… you know if you’re into that kind of thing. And if you were wondering, Boomer is totally into that. Jovi is not and stuck nearby. I can only assume because she was still trying to piece together why this beach looked vaguely familiar to one of her favorite surfing cinematic masterpieces, Point Break.

Haystack Rock with Dogs
Haystack Rock

OK so that’s a bit of stretch – maybe not a masterpiece, but still some of Keanu‘s best work. Not that that says much because we mostly remember him as one-half of the Bill and Ted dynamic duo. The Cannon Beach area was used in the final scene of the Point Break movie.  That is the original movie because we in this family still pretend they didn’t remake that movie.

After being exposed to this nugget of information and then watching the final scene I could definitely recognize the famous Oregon coastline. And they thought they fooled us. Well, I was fooled until I read the IMDB filming locations. I mean how often do I go to Bells Beach Australia, where the scene is supposed to take place, anyway? Not often if you were wondering. Twilight and The Goonies have also used Cannon Beach and Ecola State Park, just to the north of Cannon Beach, for filming as well.

Haystack Rock with Dogs
Jovi found out how rad digging in the sand is

In addition to our ocean visit, I spent a little time in the town of Cannon Beach. I was disappointed that the breweries, Pelican Brewery and Pacific Coast Brewing were both still under construction. I can not speak for Pacific Coast Brewing but I will speak about Pelican – worthy of a stop. While in Pacific City Oregon later last year I did hit up their main brewery location.  Both their beer and the food was delightful. We’ll have to head back to try out Pacific Coast Brewing another time… like we need another excuse to visit the ocean!

Haystack Rock with Dogs
Cannon Beach

I also hit up Puppy Love By The Sea (271 N Hemlock St), a pet store carrying a good selection of canine treasures. And while at the ocean you cannot leave without some salt water taffy. I picked up a bag full from Bruce’s Candy Kitchen (1111 N Roosevelt Drive). I’ve been duped before with hard as a rock salt water taffy from the coast.  Bruce’s Candy Kitchen has fresh and soft taffy with a wide selection of flavors. I, of course, filled my bag with my favorite flavors but also threw in a few adventurous flavors such as Chili Pepper and Marionberry, a berry native to Oregon. PS they ship their taffy just in case you want more when you get home – yum!

So it looks like we will be returning to Cannon Beach area sometime in the future. Mostly because of the beer but also there are a few spots I want to check out, including Ecola State Park, which we did not have an opportunity to visit while we were there.

Have you ever taken your dog to the ocean?  What was your dog’s reaction?

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