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Wet Dog Cafe and Astoria Brewing, Astoria Oregon

wet dog cafe astoria brewing
Wet Dog Cafe and Astoria Brewing in Astoria Oregon

While we were in Oregon it rained a lot. You’re probably thinking “thanks Captain Obvious, we know it  rains a lot in Oregon.”

One byproduct of rain and traveling with a dog is a wet dog. For those of us who own dogs, we cringe at the thought of a wet dog, right? One because they stink to high hell and two they seem to always want extra love and attention while sopping wet. Boomer is no different than your typical dog while wet 🙂

I made a stop for dinner at the Wet Dog Cafe. The plan was to enjoy dinner with Boomer on their patio as it is dog friendly. The weather had another idea as it was disagreeable and Boomer got to wait in the car while I picked a spot inside.

wet dog cafe astoria brewing
view from Wet Dog Cafe

Although the dog inspired name of the cafe may have inspired me to make a stop anyway, it was the fact that Astoria Brewing was connected to this cafe that solidified my stop. Astoria Brewing has some amusing names for their beers such as Bitter Bitch Imperial IPA, the Badass Stout and DaBlonde. I ordered my first pint, the Solar Dog IPA, a 6.2 ABV (Alcohol By Volume) with a 69 IBU (International Bittering Unit). This beer has a good mix of citrus and malt and got a rating of 4 out of 5 on Untappd from me!

I skimmed over the menu looking for an enjoyable dinner. Maybe because it had been a few days on the road and I was not eating the healthiest I chose a salad for dinner with a side of salmon cakes. The salad was an odd choice for me, as I’m more of a hamburger and beer kind of gal.  The salad did have a special treat, marionberry vinaigrette dressing. Marionberry is a blackberry high-bred developed in the state of Oregon. The dressing was a delightful addition to the salad.

wet dog cafe astoria brewing
mmmmm salmon cakes

A few years ago, OK probably more than I want to admit, I had salmon cakes at a local restaurant in my home town. In my opinion salmon cakes are light years ahead of crab cakes but as they were the special of the day I only had them that one time. Wet Dog Cafe had an offering of salmon cakes on their menu and I could not resist revisiting this fond memory. I was also on the Pacific coast, how could I not order up some seafood, right?

The salmon cakes arrived along with another beer, the Stone Cold Strong, an American Strong Ale. This beer has a 6.5 ABV and a 40 IBU. Less hoppy than the IPA but still a strong contender. It also gained a 4 out of 5 from me on Untappd. The salmon cakes did not disappoint and the spicy dipping sauce complimented the cakes well. The previous salmon cakes had a tater sauce dipping, an OK sauce, but I liked the non-traditional route better.

wet dog cafe astoria brewing
Best… Damn… Dessert… EVER

As I was winding down my dinner I thought to myself… why not, you had mostly healthy foods for dinner. So I ordered myself something that made the neighboring tables jealous. And I know that only because once my dessert arrived I was asked “what’s that” and once I rattled off the name the neighboring table then ordered the same.

I ordered “The Best Damn Dessert Ever”. How could I not, it’s the best ever right? It all starts out with am Oreo crust, then a layer of Tillamook Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream (remember I told you if you can find this ice cream to get it and you’ll high five yourself?!), Reese’s peanut butter cups and Hersey’s chocolate syrup, topped with whip cream and a cherry…. Best … Dessert… EVER! There was another close contender, The Bad Ass Brownie, but the over decadence of the one I ordered I could not pass up. The dessert was amazing and definitely earned the award for best ever!

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