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White House Honey Ale from Brew to Taste

Brewing the White House Honey Ale
All the ingredients that went into the White House Honey Ale

In late 2012 I was watching the news and they were doing a piece on the White House brewing their own beer. This was prior to me starting to make my own beer and I was intrigued that Obama and his crew were crafting beer in the White House. Although he was not the first president to brew his own beer, Obama is the first to brew in the White House.

The White House has two home-brew beer kits available for purchase, the Honey Ale and the Honey Porter. We may use the same ingredients as the White House does, but there is one thing we can not get our hands on, the White House honey. The White House honey is apparently collected from a bee hive on the south lawn. Being that I do not have security clearance to be on the south law I had to make do with the substitute honey that was provided in my kit 🙂

I decided to brew the Honey Ale as I prefer an ale over a porter but I do intend on making the porter one day, after all these two beers were influential in my start to home-brewing.   As I was watching the video about the White House brewing their own beer I thought to myself, if Obama, a man with more than enough things to do throughout the day could  make time to brew beer, than so could I.

The kit brewed up like any other but had the finishing touches of honey added during the boil. After a week in the fermenting bucket and a week in the carboy it was time to bottle. I was shocked at the amount of sludge at the bottom of the bucket when I transferred to the carboy.

Brewing the White House Honey Ale
transferring the beer

I almost skipped this step due to my laziness as it is not required. I am glad that I did transfer as doing so helps with the clarity of the beer.  You can still see a small amount of sludge at the bottom of the carboy in the photo below.  If I had not transferred from the fermenting bucket to the carboy at a week the sludge would have been much more.  The sludge is that milk chocolate color at the bottom of the carboy, although in now way tastes like milk chocolate!

Brewing the White House Honey Ale
transferring the beer to the bottling bucket before bottling

Once the beer finally finished it had a pleasant honey flavor with a dark amber coloring to it. Well done White House! I can’t wait to try the White House Porter!

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Although I do recommend brewing your own beer I have to warn you it can become addicting! It is really fun to try new brew kits and work on recipes of your own but it has taken over quite a bit of my weekends brewing, bottling, drinking!!!!

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