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Wine Tasting in Temecula California

wine tasting in temecula california
Temecula Cable Car Wine Tours

Anyone who has gone wine tasting with their friends knows it is no fun being the driver. You are limited from drinking most of the day while your friends progressively get drunker and drunker. I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of being around people who are drunk when I am stone cold sober!

So while visiting Temecula my friend Meg and I sought out a car service to cart us both around so neither one of us had to miss out on the fun. We chose Temecula Cable Car Wine Tours. I thought it would be fun bouncing around wine country in a cable car!

The tour conveniently picked us up from our hotel and whisked us off to the first of 4 wineries. Maurice Carrie, probably the smallest winery of all the ones we visited that day. This winery is known for it’s sparkling wines. Meg and I tired most of the sparkling wines, with the pomegranate and raspberry ones liked best, and the pineapple and peach our least favorites.

We ran the gamut down the white wine list and I tried a few reds (Meg prefers the white wines). I would say that I preferred the white wines over the reds here, however the Cody’s Crush was a good, light red wine that is to be served cold.

wine tasting in temecula california
South Coast Winery

After our allotted time at Maurice Carrie was up we loaded back onto the cable car and headed to South Coast Winery Resort & Spa. This winery was rather large and was beautifully landscaped. We found a spot at the bar in their huge tasting room. South Coast has many awards for their wine and I have to apologize now, I lost my tasting notes, so I have no idea what wines I had. I didn’t actually lose them, I forgot them on my old cell phone. When I was released from my job I had to give my phone back, and on the phone were my tasting notes. Yeah I know – that wasn’t using the phone for company reasons and probably justified me losing the tasting notes.

What I can tell you about the winery is that the tasting room attendant was quite delightful and helpful with picking out wines that Meg and I both liked.

wine tasting in temecula california
Oak Mountain Winery

The next winery was Oak Mountain Winery. This was also the location of our provided lunch. The sandwich and chips were tasty, however when I drink wine all day, I need a slightly more substantial meal. I either needed to have a larger meal, or to have brought snacks with me. No one wants to see drunk Brittany. The winery had indoor and outdoor spots. We picked outdoor seating because it was a warm day and the sun was shining. I at least had to return to work with a sunburn while being given my release papers, right?

wine tasting in temecula california
Our lunch for the day

While enjoying the sunshine and our sandwiches, we sipped on wines, that again I can not tell you what they were, except I do know I had to go inside the winery to taste test one of them, a wine with a dog on the label. I pick wines based on their wine labels. If it’s got a cute label, I’ll give it a try. If it’s a cute label with a dog on it, well that’s a shoe in for me!

wine tasting in temecula california
Danza Del Sol Winery

Our last winery was Danza Del Sol. By this point in the day I was pleasantly enjoying my wines (let’s just say it… I was wasted). I had shown restraint all day, as I usually buy wine when ever I wine taste, but in light of my job issues, I felt it was better to not waste what money I did have on wine. I did however buy one bottle at Danza del Sol, their 2010 Zinfandel. It has everything I love, black cherries, spice and molasses. Perhaps I’ll save it for when I get a job and open it up in celebration!

The wine tour was a great option and I loved the fact that we were dropped back off at the hotel after the tour was over. The driver and tour guide were both helpful keepers of time, allowing us to enjoy our tastings, but also kept us on schedule, while ensuring no one was left behind!

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